36 Volt Golf Cart Charger

36 Volt Golf Cart Charger – Portable Model

The Eagle Performance model golf cart charger is a portable battery charger sold with plug to fit 36 volt
golf carts. Part number i36154815 MFG by Pro Charging Systems
The Charger has both FLA and SLA charging profiles – Flooded Lead Acid and Sealed Lead Acid
Out put is 36 Volt 15Amps and is designed to work with stock golf cart models.
No buttons, no waiting, just connect charger plug into golf cart receptacle and charger automatically detects
battery voltage and current state of charge.  The 36 volt golf cart charger has a 2 year warranty.
Constructed with durable parts that if needed, can be repaired. Base is powder coated aluminum.
Dimensions: 7.75″ H x 8.38″W x 9.75″L
Weight: 17 lbs
Case: Impact, Scratch resistant polymeric material
Plug length: 7 ft

The Eagle Performance 36V Golf Cart Charger works with factory plugs for following models:

36 Volt EZGO Golf Carts
36 Volt Yamaha Golf Carts
36 Volt Club Car Golf Carts (early models)

36 Volt Golf Cart Charger Price (includes plug)

Pro Charging Eagle Performance i36154815  Automatic 15 Amp Smart Charger $359 ea plus tax


36 volt golf cart charger

Automatic Golf Cart Battery Charger

New 36 Volt Golf Cart Charger Price $359 ea plus tax with Factory Shaped Plug End Included
In Stock – Call Today for more information. Use guide below to identify your 36 volt cart charger
plug shape

EZGO TXT D Shape Plug 36 Volt Models

36 volt D Shape Plug EZGO

P/N 602611 EZ-GO TXT


Early Model EZGO Crowsfoot Plug 36 Volt

Crowsfoot 36 Volt Golf Cart Plug EZGO

P/N 602607

Early Model EZGO SB-50

602SB50GRY EZGO Plug

P/N 602SB50GRY

Early Model Yamaha Charge Cable Plug 36 Volt

602619 36 Volt Yamaha Charger Plug

P/N 602619