8D Battery for Sale San Diego

Looking for an 8D battery for sale San Diego?
The large size 12 volt 8D battery is available in FLA (flooded lead acid) and SLA (sealed lead acid) type.
The group size 8D batteries are some of the largest 12 volt batteries and have a rough dimension of
21″ x 11″ x 10″.  The smaller cousin to the 8D is the 4D 12v battery.

Large and Heavy 8D

These commercial grade batteries are usually involved in starting large motors due to their high cranking ability and are very popular in marine starting applications.
If you will be replacing them, expect to lift 120 lbs or 165 lbs each if the 8D battery is the sealed AGM chemistry.

Deep Cycle 8D Battery for House Power

RV and Marine applications will use SLA or AGM 8D batteries because they are better built to withstand vibration that can break down a FLA (flooded lead acid) battery.
The capacity for an AGM 8D ranges from 255Ah (lifeline model GPL-8DL) to 285Ah (leoch battery model LDC12-285-8D) weighing in at 173 lbs.

Leoch LDC12-285-8D

LDC12-285-8D SLA Battery Price $659 ea with core

  • True deep cycle AGM technology
  • 99.99% virgin lead for grid plate and active material
  • Heavy grid/paste design for deep cycle application
  • Double separator configuration = long cycle life
  • Dimensions: 20.75″ x 11″ x 9.06″ tall
  • 285Ah 20HR
  • Dual Terminal (SAE & 3/8 stud)

Deka 8A8D Battery

8A8D SLA Battery Price $699 ea with core

  • Enhanced Electrolyte Suspension System
  • Micro porous glass separators prevents spills and corrosion
  • Extra protection from ultra deep discharges
  • Dimensions: 20.75″ x 11″ x 10″ tall
  • 245Ah 20HR
  • SAE or L terminal


8D Battery Maintenance Free

8D FLA maintenance free starting battery

Triton Brand 8D-8AMF Battery Price $275 ea with core

  • 1600 MCA
  • SAE terminals
  • maintenance free flooded lead calcium
  • Dimensions: 20.75″ x 11″ x 9.5″ tall
  • Engine starting application only – not house power