AGM Tech 12V-75AH

The AGM Tech AGM deep cycle batteries have less internal resistance, charge up 20% quicker and discharge much slower than traditional flooded lead acid batteries.

AGM Tech 12V-75AH Rated by Customer for Price and Performance

Terminal TypeButton
Amp Hours {AH}:75 AH  at 20 Hour Rate
Weight:48 Lbs
Dimensions {L x W x H}10.2 in x 6.65 in x 8.3 in

AGM batteries recharge 20% faster than a conventional vented battery
In contrast, most traditional flooded, maintenance free type, lead acid batteries are mechanically assembled with automated equipment and sealed at atmospheric pressure. They leak acid when inverted, dry out from gassing, and are susceptible to vibration and impact damage. In comparison to AGM-Cell batteries, AGM Tech batteries offer all of their advantages, nearly twice the expected life cycles,
AGM Tech Marine, Solar and RV Battery Benefits
•User safe
• Sealed construction
• Non-spillable
• Install in any position if properly supported.
• Submersible without damage
•Maintenance free (no adding water or repairing corroded terminals)
•Fastest recharge. (no current limitations with voltage regulated recharging)
•Deep Cycle (thick positive plates to provide real deep cycle performance)
•Best charge retention (especially against flooded cell types)
•Lowest discharge rates (Less that 3 percent per month unattended)
•Easily shipped
•Shock and vibration resistant. (100% of plates are covered with separator liners)
•Properly supported, AGM Tech batteries with absorbed electrolyte can be installed and operated on their side