Airstream Trailer Batteries

Battery Replacement and Airstream Trailer Batteries in San Diego

To replace the Airstream trailer batteries, first locate the Airstream battery box located behind the propane.  The newer model Airstream battery box will accommodate two 6 volt golf cart size batteries.  Early model Airstream are restricted to only fit two 12 volt size 24 batteries for house power. The battery box can be modified by raising the lid via fabrication. If this is done, then two 6 volt deep cycle batteries categorized as GC2 can be used. Early model stock Airstream trailer boxes fit batteries with dimensions of 10.23″ L x 6.65″ W x 9″ H and categorized as group size 24.

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Airstream Trailer Batteries

Replacing the Stock Airstream Batteries

The stock Airstream batteries are traditional flooded batteries by Interstate. They require monthly maintenance with distilled water.  An upgrade to the wet cell is an AGM chemistry deep cell battery. AGM is absorbed glass mat and means that the electrolyte is captured inside a fiberglass matt between the plates. AGM battery can also mean acid starved battery.
The AGM batteries for the Airstream will not spill and will not gas.  They do not require monthly watering as well because they are sealed.

Airstream Battery Capacity

Deep cycle batteries are not the same are regular car and truck starting batteries.  Deep cycle batteries have extra electrical capacity for discharging (never below 50%) and recharging many times. The number of times a deep cell battery can be discharged to a specific percent of capacity (example 50%)  and recharged to 100% is battery cycles.  A well designed battery will have high capacity and high battery cycles.

Leoch LDC12-90 AGM Battery for Airstream Trailers

For high battery capacity for a size 24 battery, we prefer an AGM battery by Leoch, part number LDC12-90.
The LDC12-90 has 90 Ah and is built with 99% virgin lead grid plate and active material.
LDC12-90 battery for Airstream highlights:

  • 2 year free replacement warranty
  • True deep cycle AGM technology
  • Over 99.9% virgin lead for grid plate and active material
  • Heavy duty grid/paste design for deep cycle application
  • Maintenance free, non-spillable, valve-regulated
  • Double separator configuration:long cycle life & high energy density and super anti-vibration design
  • Low self discharge for longer shelf life
  • 19 years of business, 1.2 billion dollars, 9 battery manufacturing plant
  • OE for Polaris industries

Best Airstream Trailer Batteries

Leoch Battery part number LDC12-90 are the best Airstream trailer batteries in our opinion.  If you are not going to invest in the Lithium battery yet then the lead acid AGM by Leoch will be a good choice.
The LDC12-90 has 90 Ah at the 20 hr rate.

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Airstream Trailer Batteries Leoch LDC12-90Capacity is 90 Ah. AGM Batteries Hold Charge Longer and Discharge Slower

The Upgraded AGM Leoch 12 Volt Battery Price for one LDC12-90 is  $225 ea*(Cores are required to void core charge of $15)
The AGM size 24 RV battery will fit in boxes behind propane. The LDC12-90 is the best replacement for the Airstream trailers steel battery boxes. The LDC12-90 has the dual terminals needed for the OE cables on the Airstream.

Terminal TypeDual Terminal
Amp Hours {AH}:90 AH  at 20 Hour Rate
Weight:48 Lbs
Dimensions {L x W x H}10.2 in x 6.65 in x 8.3 in