Automatic Battery Charger

Smart Battery Charger for Sale

Victron IP65 Blue Smart 15A and 5A 12 volt Intelligent Battery Charger

The Victron is a multi-stage battery charger that can charge 12 Volt Flooded, AGM and Lithium batteries

  • Flooded Lead Acid Batteries
  • AGM Lead Acid Batteries
  • Gel Cell Batteries
  • Spiral AGM Oiptima Batteries
  • Lithium (LFP)
  • Normal Starting Batteries
  • Deep Cycle Batteries

The Victron Blue Smart is perfect for marine deep cycle batteries because it is automatic
and can maintain a battery if in long term storage.

  • 15 amp setting is ideal for charging a large battery with large capacity
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Temperature compensation feature for more effective battery charging

In Addition, the Blue Smart IP65 has a Recondition Mode to Rejuvenate a distressed battery!

  • Soft Start Mode for severely depleted batteries

Victron Blue Smart IP65 Battery Charger $159.99 ea