Typical Battery Draw of Common Appliances

Great chart from manualslib.com

Amp Hours Consumed Over Time
ApplianceWatts5 min10 min30 min1 hr2 hr4 hr
Single PL light101 Ah3 Ah7 Ah1.3 Ah2.7 Ah5.3 Ah
Computer1001 Ah2 Ah4 Ah8 Ah17 Ah34 Ah
Color TV 13″2002 Ah4 Ah8 Ah17 Ah34 Ah67 Ah
Blender4003 Ah8 Ah17 Ah34 Ah67 Ah133 Ah
Circular Saw8006 Ah17 Ah34 Ah67 Ah133 Ah266 Ah
Toaster10008 Ah23 Ah46 Ah93 Ah185 Ah370 Ah
Microwave120010 Ah28 Ah57 Ah114 Ah227 Ah455 Ah
Hot Plate180015 Ah44 Ah88 Ah176 Ah353 Ah706 Ah
If the current draw at 120 Vac is known, then the battery amperage at 12 Vdc will
be 10 times the AC amperage divided by the efficiency (90% in this table).
Motors are normally marked with their running rather than their starting current.
Starting current can be five times running current.
Refrigerators and ice makers typically run about one-third of the time. Therefore,
their average battery current draw is one-third of what their amp rating would