Crown Severe Duty Battery Tech

Crown “Severe Duty” Batteries Ideal for Heavy Equipment, RV & Marine Applications: Available At Deep Cycle Battery San Diego
US manufacture means increased lifespan and reduced downtime.
EL CAJON, CA (March 6, 2018) – SoCal-based equipment and automotive battery supplier Deep Cycle Battery San Diego is a stocking dealer of Crown Battery’s “Severe Duty” maintenance-free lead-calcium batteries. Severe Duty batteries use reinforced construction that improves durability and longevity, and Crown batteries are manufactured in the US of A, which means higher quality and no tradeoffs. Shopping with DCB San Diego guarantees that you get the right battery for your vehicle.
Crown Severe Duty Battery“Our Severe Duty batteries provide Crown customers some of the desirable features of AGM-battery technology, like its moderate cycling characteristics, with the positive plates in a Severe Duty battery jacketed with fiberglass and packed tightly to reduce vibration and increase longevity, like an AGM” declared Chip Johnson, Crown Battery’s Western Region Sales Manager of the SLI Products Division. “Also, the reinforced solid-cast lead structure – something lots of other makers avoid because of the tooling cost – makes the Severe Duty more reliable and stable. Because we still build them in the United States with proven flooded-battery technology, we’re able to manufacture a virtually bulletproof maintenance-free battery.”
The sleeved-plate technology used for Crown’s Severe Duty wet/flooded batteries is similar to absorbed-glass mat (AGM) batteries. Crown Battery calls this process “PosiWrap”: not only does it enable tight packaging and keep the battery stable, it reduces a battery problem known as “shedding” – the natural flaking of lead that occurs over time in all batteries. The close-packed cells and fiberglass jacketing on every positive plate in a Severe Duty battery also improve the battery’s longevity through its inevitable charge-discharge-charge cycles. As a result of these construction methods, Crown is also able to use calcium to stabilize the lead instead of antimony, which means the Severe Duty battery can be sealed and legitimately maintenance-free (because calcium does not off-gas like antimony).
Crown Battery is a top-tier privately held domestic manufacturer – there’s few of them left – and has been making batteries since 1926. DCB San Diego is proud to have Crown Batteries in stock, and can supply whatever Severe Duty batteries you need for tractor and heavy equipment, RV and pusher, marine, construction equipment and industrial operators.
Let Deep Cycle Battery San Diego help you find the right battery: we know what you need.