Yamaha Golf Cart 48 volt Battery Replacement San Diego


This older Yamaha cart is built tough. Yamaha is probably one of my favorite manufacture due to its beefy suspension.

This Yamaha golf cart uses six 8v deep cycle batteries to create a 48 volt system. The customer requested the Trojan 8v T-875 battery because of Trojan’s long history of performance and longevity.

The batteries that were removed where 2011 US 8VG 8V.  I personally like the US Battery for Golf Carts too, but these batteries did not last too long because the customer was charging the cart with a 6 amp 48 volt charger from Amazon that would not fully charge all the batteries.

The golf cart belongs to the kids in the family but I think the dog was the happiest that the golf cart was running again!

Keep Moving – Jeff