Leoch Deep Cycle AGM LDC Series


The all new Leoch Deep Cycle with AGM Technology

LDC series 

Leoch LDC AGM Battery

2 year free replacement warranty

Enhanced Design Features http://www.leoch.com/product/power/132.html


Depth of DischargeEV SeriesLDC Series

—New Grid Alloy

÷ High temperature low corrosion rate

÷ Low water consumption

÷ Better utilization of full grid, high conductivity

÷ Lower self-discharge rate, long shelf life

—New Paste Formula – long deep cycle life

÷  Better initial capacity

÷  Better Tetrabasic lead crystal formation

÷  Reduced PAM shedding during life cycle

÷  Improved low temperature performance

÷  Lower internal resistance – better charge acceptance

—Improved AGM Separator Material

÷  Better recombination

÷  Better vibration resistance

÷  We make our own in-house

÷  Double-wrapped

—Hybrid Gel Technology

÷  Reduced acid stratification

÷  Longer service life

    MODELCapacity (20Hr)Wt. lbs.EXISTING


Capacity (20Hr)Wt. lbs.
     6 VOLT
LDC6-210-GC2210 Ah59.5GF6210210 Ah66.2
LDC6-224-GC2224 Ah67.3DTA6224224 Ah65.0
LDC6-245245 Ah71.2DTA6245245 Ah69.5
LDC6-265-GC2268 Ah72.5DTA6260260 Ah77.2
LDC6-275275 Ah80.5EV6260260 Ah79.4
LDC6-350350 Ah105.8EV6312312 Ah104.7
LDC6-400-L16400 Ah119.5EV6390390 Ah116.4
     8 VOLT
LDC8-165-GC8165 Ah64.4n/an/an/a
LDC8-180-GC8182 Ah70.6GF8170170 Ah70.6
LDC8-210-GC8H210 Ah89.3DTA8200200 Ah89.3


LDC12-90-G24 *90 Ah51.8EV128585 Ah49.2
LDC12-105-G27 *108 Ah60.9EV12105105 Ah60.2
LDC12-115-G31 *118 Ah69.0EV12115115 Ah67.5
LDC12-140144 Ah86.46-EV-120120 Ah86.4
LDC12-145148 Ah93.9DTA12145145 Ah91.5
LDC12-150-GC12150 Ah92.4DTA12150150 Ah91.5
LDC12-180183 Ah110.56-EV-150150 Ah110.2
LDC12-200-4D200 Ah130.1n/an/an/a
LDC12-220220 Ah131.0EV12234B220 Ah130.7
LDC12-245245 Ah142.2EV12234234 Ah143.3
LDC12-250-8D250 Ah158.8n/an/an/a
LDC12-330-8D330 Ah189.6n/an/an/a