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Battery Charger


Battery composition and construction have changed drastically in the past decade. New battery chemistries, such as AGM and Gel Cell types, are gaining traction with vehicle manufacturers and are becoming increasingly present as aftermarket alternatives. In addition, new battery constructions, such as Spiral Wound batteries, are gaining in popularity in a wide number of application areas. The reasons for the continuing increase in popularity of non-traditional flooded acid battery types are many, but are primarily related to the increased power needs of today’s vehicles and the quest for greater battery longevity. Today’s vehicles experience a much higher power demand than vehicles of the past. This includes the need to run such accessories as navigational systems, entertainment systems, backup cameras and personal electronics. As a result of this power demand, vehicle batteries are cycled (drained heavily and recharged) far more than in the past, driving a greater emphasis on battery reserve capacity and the durability needed to stand up to these more demanding usage patterns. - See more at:

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