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Deep Cycle Battery San Diego

Battery Recycling San Diego

Battery Recycling San Diego

Call Us To Recycle Your Lead Acid Car Battery - Sealed Lead Acid UPS Battery & Forklift Battery

Battery Recycling San Diego - All lead acid batteries can be recycled in San Diego.  Battery manufactures need old car batteries, truck batteries and sealed lead acid batteries (sla) t0 harvest the lead and make new batteries.

We offer battery recycling San Diego at our El Cajon shop or call us to schedule a pick up.  Money is paid for lead acid battery recycling San Diego.

Batteries that have Li or Ncad must be recycled at Recycle San Diego as well as e-waste and light bulbs.


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Why Recycle Lead Acid Batteries?

All used lead acid batteries are hazardous waste. Toxic heavy metals and corrosive properties of batteries make them unsuitable for disposal in the municipal trash because they can contaminate surface and ground water. Used or junk lead acid batteries are collected and recycled so the lead can be used again for next generation battery production.

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