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Duffy Boat Battery Replacement and Tips

Duffy Boat Battery Replacement and Tips

Should you Find Your Duffy Boat Batteries Under Performing Don't Despair Yet

The Duffy boat batteries may be saved if the following has not happened:

  1. Dry cells (water is not detected in every battery cell)
  2. Off charge for more than three months. Shore power supplies AC electric to the Duffy boats onboard battery charger. The charger will use the AC power and charge the batteries in DC power.
  3. Old age. Weak Duffy boat batteries older than five years should be replaced. Battery anxiety is a real thing and paddling a Duffy back to dock is never fun.

The Duffy and ElectraCraft electric boats most commonly use 6 v golf cart batteries categorized GC2

The golf cart batteries inside your electric boat may recover some potential if they get a deep saturation charge. We have visited several boats where the onboard charger will not initiate but by individually charging each battery to a SG of 1.256  the charger will operate and batteries will regain lost range.

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We also provide monthly battery service with SG reports online.

Duffy boat replacement and tips for San Diego - Jeff Schwen