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Deep Cycle Battery San Diego

Exide Battery San Diego - Deep Cycle Battery Store

Exide Battery San Diego - Deep Cycle Battery Store

Exide battery San Diego, East County, North County and South County, we offer delivery to all parts of San Diego.

Deep Cycle Battery San Diego Has Exide Marine, Exide Automotive and Exide Edge AGM Batteries

Exide Edge Automotive AGM - 2X Life Auto - Truck - SUV Exide Battery San Diego

48 Month Free Replacement Warranty and 48 Month Jump Start Assistance

Exide Edge AGM batteries are designed to maximize energy capacity for today's on-the-go drivers. The Edge's lasting energy protects against battery failure, helping vehicle batteries stay strong and perform like new longer. • Exide Edge flat plate design contains six sets of plates, with glass mat separators, arranged in a straight line inside the battery, like sliced bread. • SureLife® Graphite Technology retains initial capacity longer for lasting energy capacity

Exide NASCAR Extreme Silver Shield Alloy Automotive - Truck - SUV Exide Battery San Diego

Comes with 40-month free 24-hour emergency jump start assistance.

Reserve Capacity (RC) Minutes to operate on board accessories, computer, and emergency equipment.Utilizes Patented Silver Shield Alloy for high heat protection and internal resistance. Extreme Climate Rated Battery - Vibration Resistant Battery and Maintenance Free

Exide Nautilus Marine Deep Cycle Battery - Exide Boat Battery - Exide Marine Battery San Diego

These batteries are designed to provide continuous operating time to run trolling motors, live wells, inverters, depth/fish finders, etc. They can be discharged and recharged many times without damaging the internal components of the battery. Vibration resistant, high reserve capacity and deep cycle battery amp hours.

Exide Nautilus Marine Starting Battery - Exide Boat Battery - Exide Marine Battery San Diego

 1000 Marine Cranking Amps !!

  • High bursts of power for short periods of time to start marine engines.
  • Cast-on strap is heavier than conventional automotive construction to withstand vibration.
  • Maintenance Free Calcium/calcium construction gives accessible maintenance-free performance.