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High Performance Jeep Batteries from Deep Cycle Battery

High Performance Jeep Batteries from Deep Cycle Battery

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Deep Cycle Battery San Diego Targets Jeepers with 12-Volt Batteries for
Off-Road Abuse Like Winching and Heavy Lighting

From CJ to JK, LJ to JL, XJ and WJ, off-road Jeep batteries need durable 12-volt power.

EL CAJON, CA (January 9, 2018) – Deep Cycle Battery San Diego’s success with hundreds of Jeep-specific off-roaders has led the company to stock and recommend specific battery applications for the four-wheeling market. Because DCB San Diego has equipped its customers with 12-volt batteries that can survive the abuses of off-roading, they can equip you.

Four-wheeling puts automotive batteries through the wringer: heavy amps to winches, lockers and comms equipment, long draw-downs from lighting and cooling fans, endless vibration, and lousy conditions that heat and chill batteries. These circumstances kill everyday car batteries and drive Jeepers to tears (and to seek more durable options). DCB San Diego retails, distributes, and supplies specialized 12-volt power combinations that satisfy these severe-duty requirements.

“We’ve been helping Jeep owners for years – after these guys destroy their generic batteries, they come to us for one that can hack it,” declared Jeff Schwen, operations principal at DCB San Diego. “That’s led to a short list of batteries we’ll sell that can handle Jeeper-level off-road abuse. We’ve sold hundreds of these Full Throttle batteries for Jeepers because we’ve found they’re made well, and ideal for off-road use. We wouldn’t sell them if they couldn’t take it.”

Deep Cycle Battery San Diego has been selling the Full River “Full Throttle” line of AGM batteries for four years (Absorbed Glass Mat – the same technology used in the fancy red and yellow batteries). These batteries are engineered in California but manufactured in China, like many batteries – the price gap for high-quality batteries made in America is still significant. To ensure they could sell these Full Throttle batteries for the strenuous use of four-wheeling Jeepers, DCB San Diego’s experts did some abuse testing in-house: the Full Throttle battery endured, offering excellent vibration, severe weather and extensive draw-down survival rates.

The value of these batteries is legitimate: the Full Throttle replacement for a factory Wrangler JK battery outstrips factory and aftermarket competitors by delivering 1500 pulse-cranking amps (the first five seconds of battery power) and 65 amp-hours (essentially the gas in the battery’s tank), but costs about the same as the factory replacement. They can be installed as a plug-and-play replacement for a factory Jeep battery, or set up in a two-battery array (which DCB San Diego is happy to set up at their shop, or recommend a kit to do it at home). ... And because AGM batteries have no liquids in them, DCB San Diego can ship them anywhere in the US of A.

Come visit the shop or give them a call: Deep Cycle Battery San Diego knows what you need.

About Deep Cycle Battery San Diego, Inc.
Deep Cycle Battery San Diego specializes in battery and power-storage solutions used in automotive and industrial applications, for trucks, cars, race, off-road, extreme duty, forklifts, recreational vehicles, home and reserve power needs. The DCB San Diego staff has more than 20 years experience in battery power and charging. Their website is (; call the shop at 619.448.5323. Some products offered by DCB San Diego are for race and off-road use only.