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Deep Cycle Battery San Diego

Julian Solar Battery Back Up for Off-Grid Power

Julian Solar Battery Back Up for Off-Grid Power

 Trojan T-105 RE 6 volt Deep Cycle Battery

Free delivery for Julian customers off Engineers Rd in Julian.  Since the 2003 Cedar Fire, most residents are finding that the deep cycle batteries used for house power are not holding voltage.  A great tool to measure a battery's ability to function is a hydrometer (how to use a hydrometer).
The EZRed hydrometer is inexpensive and very easy to use.

Most Julian residents have a shelter to house the batteries and inverter.  A recent customer showed me his battery revised battery shed where he can easily access the batteries for monthly maintenance.
A good supply of distilled water is vital for maintaining flooded cell 6 volt batteries

I met Aaron Ross from Ross Power Solutions who installed the solar panels and inverter for Julian customer.

Aaron frequently works in the Julian area installing off-grid power for residents.  He knows how to calculate how many batteries are needed based on power usage. His contact info is: 951-751-0782

Julian Solar Battery Back Up for Off-Grid Power