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Here are some helpful guides on how to properly wire and maintain your batteries. Learn how to properly series and parallel your batteries and maintain them correctly!

  • What lithium battery fits Club Car Precedent?

    What lithium battery fits Club Car Precedent?

    ECO Battery 51V Specifically Designed Thru Hole Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Original Lead Acid 12V batteries are replaced by one 51V lithium iron phosphate battery can replacement charger sold as...

  • Golf Cart Battery Damage

    Golf Cart Battery Damage

     Golf Cart Battery Golf Cart Battery DamageTo keep your golf cart batteries safe from exploding, periodically clean the the battery terminals and connection cables. Use di-electric grease to coat the...

  • Julian Battery Install

    Julian Battery Install

    Delivered and installed six 6 volt Trojan T 1-105 batteries for customer in Julian. Customers in Julian off engineers road are typically off grid. Visit link for off grid flooded...