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Popular Car Battery Categories

Car batteries are rated in cold cranking amps (CCA) and cranking amps (CA). Due to the mild climate in San Diego, the cranking amps of a car battery, (CA) at 32 degrees F is more relevant to San Diego car battery buyers.

Car Battery san diego

Car Battery
Another tip for selecting a battery is to select one with the highest reserve capacity you can afford.
Reserve capacity (RC) is the number of minutes a battery can maintain a useful voltage under a 25 ampere discharge. The higher the RC minute rating, the greater the car battery’s ability to run lights, pumps, inverters, and electronics for a longer period before recharging is necessary.  Note, Reserve Capacity is difficult and costly to engineer into a battery and requires higher quality cell materials.

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Car Battery san diego

At Deep Cycle Battery San Diego, You Can Have a Car Battery That Fits Your Budget and Lifestyle

Car Batteries are Available as Good, Better and Best!

Good   $ Category is for Budget Minded Car Battery Customer
Better  $$ Category is for Mid Range $$ Customer but Expects 5-6 Years
Best! $$$ Category is for Car Battery Customer Who Has After-market Components ex Movie Players, Sound Systems, Winch

Good House Brand Liquid NRG Car Battery Mfg by Hyundai Sungwoo

Car Battery San Diego Good Car Batteries for Sale in San Diego

New Car Battery Price Level (Inexpensive) $
Hyundai Sungwoo offer some AGM Models of their Batteries

  • Mfg by Hyundai Sungwoo
  • Maintenance Free Flooded Lead Acid
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Prices Start at $60 ea with exchange

Car Battery for Sale in San Diego and East County

Better Exide Car Battery

In 1898, Exide batteries powered the first submarine in the U.S. Just before the turn of the century, Electric Storage Battery (Exide Battery) were used as power sources in electric locomotives, streetcars,
passenger cars and  boats.
Today Exide Car Battery is Mfg in the USA and has outstanding longevity. Exide car battery out performs Interstate and all other auto part chain store batteries mfg in Mexico.

Car Battery San Diego Better Car Batteries for Sale in San Diego

Exide Nascar Series Car Battery Price Level (Medium Cost) $$

  • High Cranking Flooded Lead Acid
  • Unriveld  Reliability
  • 3 Year Nation Wide Warranty
  • Prices Start at $98 ea with exchange

Best! Exide AGM Car Battery

Exide partnered with Northstar Battery to Mfg their sealed, non-spill AGM line of Car Batteries.
Exide AGM batteries are the first and only absorbed glass mat (AGM) products* that feature SureLife™ Graphite Technology to maximize available energy capacity – helping batteries perform at higher levels longer. (Graphite is also used in the new Lithium battery produced by Tesla)

Car Battery San Diego Best Car Batteries for Sale in San Diego

Car Battery Price Level (Highest Price – Longest Life) $$$

  • High Cranking Sealed Lead Acid
  • Extra Capacity for Light Bar, Sound System, Winch
  • 3 Year Nation Wide Warranty
  • Prices Start at $155 ea with exchange

Full Throttle Race Car Battery and Off-Road Truck AGM Battery

High Cranking Car Battery with Incredible Auxiliary Power
Great Alternative and Affordable Replacement for Odyssey, Deka and Optima Batteries Without Compromise!

Car Battery San Diego


Optima Car Battery For Sale

Car Battery San Diego Optima Car Battery

Optima Battery for Sale in San Diego


Car Battery.

Important Battery Definitions:
What is battery cycle life?

One battery cycle life is a discharge from full charge to full discharge and a return to full charge again. The total number of cycles a battery can perform before failure is called its Cycle Life.

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