Toyota Prius Battery

2004-2015 Toyota Prius Battery Replacement for S46B24R Prius Battery  FP-AGM51JIS

Exide Battery company manufactures a Toyota Prius Battery in the US.
The absorbed glass mat battery (AGM) is Toyota Prius Battery part number  FP-AGM51JIS and for 2004-15 model years. Toyota Prius hybrid models that require the S46B24R group size application. The battery carries a 3 year nation wide warranty and operates the Prius electrical equipment on the vehicle.  The Exide Prius battery is not part of the hybrid NiMH battery pack from Toyota.

 Exide Edge Toyota Prius Battery Replacement – Sealed and Maintenance Free AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt for Sale $199 ea with exchange  FP-AGM51JIS Prius Battery

This is a replacement battery for the Prius 2004-2015 Including Prius C & V.
The Toyota Prius Battery is a unique battery that is not supplied in every battery shop. We just received stock and will always carry the superior quality Exide Edge Toyota Prius Battery replacement.

  • Mfg in USA
  • AGM Maintenance Free Non-Spill
  • Group Size: S46B24R
  • Nominal Voltage 12 V
  • Length 9.3″
  • Width 4.9″
  • Height to cover 9″
  • Total height 8.6″
  • Approximate weight 32.9 lb
  • Handle Option Yes
  • Cranking Amps @ 32°F: 530
  • SAE CCA (0°F) 440 Amps
  • Amp hour Capacity 20HR 45 Ah
  • Float voltage (27°C / 80°F) 13.5 –13.8 V
  • Battery terminal type: pencil size
  • Separator material Absorbed Glass Mat
  • Absorbed Glass Mat
  • Positive grid: alloy Lead Calcium
  • Negative grid: alloy Lead Calcium
  • $199 ea with exchange plus tax

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