Car Jump Starter

Car Battery is Dead and Need to Jump Start?
Here is a Solution if You Don’t Have Anyone to Help!

The Mirco-Start Lithium Ion Car Jump Starter – #1 Rated by Consumer Reports

The Mirco-Start is a small, cell phone sized personal power supply for recharging mobile phones, laptops and yes, car, truck and diesel truck batteries!

Jump Starts All Vehicles: Cars & Trucks, ATV & UTV, Watercraft, & Motorcycles

Car Jump Starter-xp5XP-5 PPS V6 Trucks Power  $109.95 ea micro-start XP-5 Product Details Here

Car Jump Starter-xp1XP-1 PPS V8 Trucks Power  $159.95 ea micro-start XP-1 Product Details Here

Car Jump Starter-XP-3XP-3 PPS V8 Trucks Power  $129.95 ea micro-start XP-3 Product Details Here

Car Jump Starter-XP-10XP-10 PPS V8 Trucks Power  $179.95 ea micro-start XP-10 Product Details Here

Prices plus sales tax, shipping available flat rate $15 Call to Order (619) 315-5604

Car Jump Starting is Now Easy!

The Micro-Start XP-5 “MINI” is the world’s smallest Car Jump Starter and Personal Power Supply. In fact it is the size of Smart Phone, yet has so much power it can start your Motorcycle, any Powersports vehicles and even V6 trucks!!! But not only can it jump-start your vehicles, it can also charge any of your USB powered devices such as Smart Phones, iPads, Tablets, Go Pro Cameras, Blue Tooth Devices, and more. It has 6000mah of capacity and has a peak of 300 amps for jump starting!

Just charge your XP-5 once and take back-up power wherever you go. No need to a power outlet or charging station. Weighing just 8 ounces and as big as a cell phone you can easily take it anywhere! Whether you are riding, driving, camping, traveling or on a backcountry adventure you can remain confident that you will be able to start your vehicle, make that important call if the battery is going dead on your cell phone, or keep your GPS powered for navigation. It even has a built-in flashlight including different S.O.S patterns! Whatever you do, don’t get stuck without backup power again…

How to Jump Start a Car Battery Using Jumper Cables

Before Jump Starting

  • If your battery is damaged, leaking or corroded, call in a pro do NOT attempt to jump start. We can also check your battery for you!
  • Keep metal objects away from the battery. If they cause a spark it could be dangerous.
  • Remove loose clothing in case they get caught in moving parts.
  • Avoid naked flames and never smoke.
  • Make sure headlights and other electronics are off – remove the key from the ignition.

How to jump-start a car using jump leads

  • Park both cars in neutral next to each other so that they’re close but not touching. Open the bonnet; the jump lead should be able to reach both vehicles.
  • Connect the first end of the RED positive lead to the positive terminal on the working battery. Do the same for the other end of the lead for the flat battery.
  • Connect the BLACK negative lead to the negative terminal on the working battery. Attach the other end to a metal (earthing) point, such as a bolt or bracket, away from the dead battery. Some cars have negative jump-starting poles – check your handbook to see if yours does.
  • Check the leads are away from moving parts then start the engine of the working car.
  • After about a minute, try starting the car with the dead battery. If it doesn’t work, leave it a little longer, but switch off the engine if the leads get hot.
  • Once you have your car running, leave the engine on for a couple of minutes to charge the battery.
  • Remove the jump leads in reverse to the way you attached them. Make sure they don’t touch together or any metal surfaces. You should then drive for at least 30 minutes or leave the engine running.