Duffy Care Battery Service

Radically Reduce the Risk of Destroying Duffy Boat Batteries with Monthly Duffy Care Battery Service It only takes one time for batteries to be charged when the plates are dry to compromise the performance.  Help prevent the expensive replacement by having a battery technician maintain, monitor and

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Crown Severe Duty Battery Tech

Crown “Severe Duty” Batteries Ideal for Heavy Equipment, RV & Marine Applications: Available At Deep Cycle Battery San Diego US manufacture means increased lifespan and reduced downtime. EL CAJON, CA (March 6, 2018) – SoCal-based equipment and automotive battery supplier Deep Cycle Battery San Diego is a stocking dealer of Crown

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First Year Off-Grid

Our First Year Of Solar 1.) The start of the journey was some simple advice given by a friend. He said the fateful words “Find a need and fill it”. After 6 months of filling our needs for portable Amateur Radio operating, we decided to build a

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