Agile Offroad Battery

Agile Offroad in El Cajon Ca  – Very good at retro-fitting vans with superior suspension. When Agile builds a vehicle to take you off-grid, you need the batteries, solar and inverter to sustain you too. Agile Offroad sells Exide Edge AGM sealed, maintenance free batteries and AGM

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Generator Battery

Diesel generators require batteries to start them periodically.  The size of the battery depends on the size of the diesel generator.  Example: A 350 kW generator has one 4D battery while a 1500 kW and 2MW units have two 8Ds or four 4Ds depending on the generator

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Battery Charger

 Battery composition and construction have changed drastically in the past decade. New battery chemistries, such as AGM and Gel Cell types, are gaining traction with vehicle manufacturers and are becoming increasingly present as aftermarket alternatives. In addition, new battery constructions, such as Spiral Wound batteries, are gaining

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