Renewable Energy

First Year Off-Grid

Our First Year Of Solar 1.) The start of the journey was some simple advice given by a friend. He said the fateful words “Find a need and fill it”. After 6 months of filling our needs for portable Amateur Radio operating, we decided to build a

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Solar Battery Customer Reports Their Experience

A good customer of ours reported their utility billing history after implementing sealed, non-spill deep cycle batteries.   The Solar Power Journey started by the phrase “Find a need and fill it” So, now 9 months later. My wife and I both have equal systems running our

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How to Identify a Solar Battery

  When it comes to solar battery banks, there are several choices depending on your energy load and budget! 12 volt and 6 volt are most common but 2 volt solar batteries are becoming more popular since Trojan Battery offered an affordable L16-2VRE. One choice is battery

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