Battery Charger

 Battery composition and construction have changed drastically in the past decade. New battery chemistries, such as AGM and Gel Cell types, are gaining traction with vehicle manufacturers and are becoming increasingly present as aftermarket alternatives. In addition, new battery constructions, such as Spiral Wound batteries, are gaining

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Golf Cart Cable Trouble

The cables that connect golf cart batteries should be 6 gauge or larger.  Sometimes a person will make their own cable by squeezing on a lug with a vice. A potential problem occurs when the cable inside the lug becomes loose and causes resistance.  If you ever

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Storing Batteries

Battery Storage Practices 1. Batteries should be stored in a cool, dry location, protected from the elements. Wind chill factors have been known to freeze batteries which would not freeze at normal ambient temperatures. Direct exposure to heat sources, such as radiators or space heaters, will accelerate

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