Charger Voltage Settings for Deep-Cycle Batteries


Charger Voltage Settings for Deep-Cycle Flooded or Wet Cell Batteries

Proper charging is imperative to maximize battery performance. Both under- or over-charging batteries
can significantly reduce the life of the battery. For proper charging, refer to the instructions that came
with your equipment. Most chargers are automatic and pre-programmed. Some chargers allow the user
to set voltage and current values. Refer to Table above for deep-cycle flooded/wet charging guidelines.

Step 1
Make sure the charger is set to the appropriate program for deep-cycle flooded/wet, AGM or gel,
depending on the type of battery you are charging.


  • All batteries should be fully charged after each use.
  • Lead-acid batteries (deep-cycle flooded/wet, AGM or gel) do not have a memory effect and therefore do not need to be fully discharged before recharging.

Step 2
Charge only in well-ventilated areas.
Check electrolyte level to make sure plates are covered with water before charging (deep-cycle
flooded/wet batteries only). Use distilled water only, never fill with battery acid.

Step 3
Check that all vent caps are secured properly on the battery before charging.
Deep-cycle flooded/wet batteries will gas (bubble) towards the end of charge to ensure the
electrolyte is properly mixed.


  • Never charge a frozen battery.
  • Avoid charging at temperatures above 120°F (49°C)



Charger Voltage Settings for Deep-Cycle AGM Batteries

Charger Voltage Settings for Deep-Cycle Batteries