24V LFP Deep Cycle Battery Solar Energy Storage

24 Volt Lithium Iron Phosphate LFP Battery for Solar and other portable energy. The 24 v lithium battery pack is an inexpensive lithium battery and a better replacement for lead acid batteries. The battery inside is made from A123 battery cells and are new.

24V Lithium Solar Battery


The battery is enclosed in a steel case with a digital voltage read out and circuit breaker (on/off) switch.

Battery Physical Dimensions:

Length: 18 inch

Width: 10 inch

Height: 8.5 inch

Weight: 60 lbs



Nominal Voltage: 26.4V

Voltage Range: 20V – 28.8V

Nominal Capacity: 2.45kWh (92.8Ah)

Configuration: 8S5 P

Energy – 100% DOD, Nominal: 2.6 kWh

EV Energy – 80% DOD, Nominal: 2.1 kWh

Chemistry: LiFePO4 (LFP)

Cell Type: 20Ah Nanophosphate Cells

Cell Count: 40

24 volt lithium battery for solar

BMS Specifications

Single cell overcharge protection voltage:

  • Min: 3.72V
  • Standard: 3.75V
  • Max: 3.78V

Single cell overcharge protection delay time:

  • Min: 0.6S
  • Standard: 1S
  • Max: 1.5S

Single cell overcharge recovery amperage:

  • Min: 3.5A
  • Standard: 3.6A
  • Max: 3.6A

Recharge current:

  • Max: 130A


24 volt lithium battery for solar

Single-section equalization voltage:

  • Min: 3.55V
  • Standard: 3.6V
  • Max: 3.65V

Single-section equalization current:

  • Min: 35mA
  • Standard: 40mA
  • Max: 45mA

Single cell over-discharge protection voltage:

  • Min: 2.15V
  • Standard: 2.7V
  • Max: 2.8V

24 volt lithium battery for solar

Single cell over-discharge protection delay time:

  • Min: .6S
  • Standard: 1S
  • Max:1.5S

Single cell over-discharge release amperage:

  • Max: 130A

Discharge protection current:

  • Min: 350A
  • Standard: 370A
  • Max: 390A

Charging high temperature protection:

  • Min: 85℃
  • Standard: 90℃
  • Max: 95℃


Operational Specifications

Operational Temp Range: -30℃ ~ 55℃

Storage Temp Range: -40℃ ~ 60℃