48 Volt Lithium Battery Pack for Golf Carts

RoyPow USA Technology Co is the manufacture of a 48 volt Lithium Battery Pack for Golf Carts

This post is specifically about three models of 48 volt golf cart battery packs offered by RoyPow. Note 48 volt is a nominal voltage language used to identify a cart. The actual voltage of the RoyPow battery pack is 51 volts and is offered in three capacities.
Think of the two capacity options as “small 56Ah” and “medium 105Ah” and “large 160Ah”
RoyPow says the S series 51V 56Ah 2.8kWh lithium battery pack model has an operating range of 30-35 miles on a full charge. And the 51V 105Ah 5.3kWh lithium battery pack model operating range of 60-65 miles.
The largest, p/n S51160 51V 160Ah has an operating range of 95 to 100 miles on a full charge.

DCB Offers Home Visit and Professional Installation for San Diego Golf Carts

DCB-San Diego-Lithium Golf Cart

EZGO 48 Volt Golf Cart Equipped with Safe Smart Lithium Battery with 60-65 mile Range and 10 Year Life

roypow LiFe 48 Volt Lithium Battery Pack for Golf Carts

30-35 mile range on 2.8 kWh model and 60-65 miles on 5.3 kWh model

90 lbs 10 year pack replaces 328 lbs 4-5 year

Lithium vs Lead Acid Golf Cart Battery

Traditional flooded lead acid golf cart batteries have an average life span of 4-5 years and expected mileage of 12 miles on a full charge


Lithium Golf Cart Battery vs Lead Acid Golf Cart Battery Talking Points

Lithium Pack     vs     Lead Acid

Faster Recharging time 2.5 hours vs 6-8 hours for lead acid batteries

5 year warranty vs 2 year warranty

10+ year battery life vs 4-5 year life

3500+ cycles vs 500-600 cycles for lead acid batteries.

If you discharged and recharged the Lithium Battery pack everyday for ten years, after the tenth year approx 50% of the capacity would be available.

PSOC  Partial State of Charge and Lead Acid Batteries

The Problem

“It is important for lead-acid batteries to be maintained fully charged. During discharge, small crystals of lead sulfate are created on the battery plates and are dissolved again during recharge. Leaving the battery uncharged, the crystals gradually re-crystalize to larger ones, difficult to dissolve, thus preventing the battery to recharge, practically reducing its capacitance. This phenomenon is called sulphation and is the major factor for early battery degradation.” from article

No Problem

Lithium does not suffer the PSOC

Battery Pack Pricing with Charger, Brackets, Installed

RoyPow Suggested Retail Price Break Down on Lithium Battery Packs for Golf Cart

S Series Lithium Pack Specifications

                                                                  51V 56Ah             51V 105Ah           51V 160Ah

Suggested Retail Installed $$2090$2469$3497
Stored Energy2.8kWh5.3kWh8.2kWh
Life Cycles>3500>3500>3500
Mileage on Full Charge30-3560-6595-100
Continuous Charge Current56A105A160A
Max Discharge Current115A115A115A
Quick Charging TimeUp to 2.5 hrsUp to 2.5 hrsUp to 2.5 hrs
Charge Temp Range–4°F~131°F-4°F~131°F-4°F~131°F


roypow LiFe 48 Volt Lithium Battery Pack for Golf Carts vs Trojan T-1275 48 volt battery pack for EZGO RXV

The weight of the lithium battery pack is 90 lbs vs 328lbs. The weight reduction will help the speed of the cart when pulling hills.
In addition, the bushings and brakes on the golf cart will last longer due to the reduced weight.

So, Are Lithium (Lithium Iron Phosphate) Golf Cart Batteries Going to Replace Lead?

For these reasons, we believe the answer is yes.

  1. Traditional lead acid batteries last on ave 5 years. So having to pay labor and parts less frequently is a huge plus.
  2. Resale value of the golf cart will be higher. New buyers are always weary of battery life.
  3. Higher range with lithium. Four 12 Volt batteries have a range of about 12 miles.
    Compare that to 30 to 90 miles on a full charge (depending on battery model).
  4. Monitor the battery capacity easily. A simple battery monitor with a shunt can be added to display battery capacity. The least expensive unit is $50 on Amazon, and a top quality item by Victron with bluetooth BMV-712 $204