Battery Charge Settings AGM vs Flooded vs Gel

Notice the differences in bulk/absorb and float charging AGM, Flooded and Gel deep cycle batteries.

Please set your charger to the type of chemistry your battery is.

As a rule, do not equalize AGM or Gel batteries. For a 12V system, they do not like 15.5 V

Can you mix AGM with standard Flooded batteries? No

an you mix Gel with AGM deep cycle batteries? No

What happens when you charge an AGM battery at the flooded settings? It will gas and eventually fail.

12 Volt24 Volt36 Volt48 Volt
12 Volt24 Volt36 Volt48 Volt
AGM@ 70-79 F
No EqualizeFloat13.426.840.253.6
12 Volt24 Volt36 Volt48 Volt
GEL@ 70-79 F
No EqualizeFloat13.42740.253.6
VoltageState of ChargeApprox Battery Charging Time to Full Charge at 80 degrees F/ 27C
FloodedAGM%Charger Maximum Rate
6 Volt12 Volt12 Volt50 Amps30 Amps20 Amps10 Amps2 Amps
6.312.612.8 V100 %                                           – FULL CHARGE –
6.212.412.6 V75%30 min35 min48 min90 min7.5 hrs V50%45 min75 min95 min180 min15 hrs
61212 V25%65 min115 min145 min280 min22.5 hrs
5.911.811.8 V0%85 min150 min195 min370 min30 hrs