Duffy Care Battery Service

Radically Reduce the Risk of Destroying Duffy Boat Batteries with Monthly Duffy Care Battery Service

It only takes one time for batteries to be charged when the plates are dry to compromise the performance.  Help prevent the expensive replacement by having a battery technician maintain, monitor and report month to month on your Duffy’s batteries. Our Duffy Care Battery Service is available in Coronado and Mission Bay.

Duffy Care Battery Service

Your Duffy Care Battery Service is Performed by Battery Techs

Our technicians deal with charging, recovering, testing and installing deep cycle batteries every day. Your Duffy battery investment is protected with our battery knowledge without a long term contract.

Our monthly battery service outlined for $40 per month

  1. System charge voltage is measured and recorded every month.
  2. Individual battery cell specific gravity is recorded
  3. Inter-connector cables are inspected and replaced with approval
  4. Battery terminals are greased to prevent harmful corrosion
  5. Battery water levels are correctly filled without harmful overfilling
  6. Bilge is inspected for correct operation
  7. In event of an under-performing battery, cell balancing is available for additional cost

Duffy Care Battery Service Duffy Care Battery ServiceDuffy Care Battery Service

Our monthly topside cleaning service outlined for $40 per month

  1. Interior seats, tables and inside carpets vacuum cleaned
  2. Windows cleaned with DI water for spot free results
  3. Decks cleaned of scuffs
  4. Canvas covers hose cleaned from bird droppings