Duffy Boat Battery Replacement Coronado

Duffy Boat Battery Replacement Coronado

Free Delivery for Two or More Batteries – Duffy Boat Battery Replacement Coronado

Duffy owners in Coronado want to know is what battery will last the longest.  In truth, the 6 volt battery with the highest amp hour rating should provide the longest range. Example is a Trojan T-145 260Ah lead acid deep cycle battery.
But historically, the high capacity lead acid Duffy 6 volt battery lasts around four years.  With a better charging technique, the high capacity batteries could last longer in theory. Periodical balancing flooded deep cell batteries improves their longevity. The stock system does not offer this however. For more info on battery balancing check out this video on HAO2 battery balancer.

Duffy Boat Battery from Factory

The most common 6 volt battery for Duffy boats in Coronado is the Trojan T-105 battery. Duffy uses Trojan as their OE battery and sold exclusively for replacement.
The Trojan T-105 has a history with us at least, of having a life of 6-7 years with great maintenance and care*. Don’t let the life get cut short with one episode of dry cells or pro-long period of being off charge. See battery sulfation for more causes of battery death.
Lithium deep cycle batteries are on the market and we offer them as a replacement as well. For lithium duffy boat battery replacement Coronado visit this link.

6 volt battery replacement for the 36 volt Duffy Boat is the Trojan brand T-105 deep cycle battery with 225 ah capacity.

Trojan battery is the OEM supplier for Duffy Boat and when the factory batteries have reached their end, we recommend replacing with the T-105 to continue the performance and cruising range.

The Duffy Boat is powered by four, six, twelve and eighteen 6 volt deep cycle T-105 batteries


Trojan T-105 6 volt battery specs

Duffy Boat Battery Replacement for Coronado

*Price for one 6 volt Trojan T-105 Battery: $185 ea *(Cores are required to void core charge of $20)
For Duffy Battery Delivery and Installation in Coronado:

  • Free Delivery for Duffy Boat Owners in Coronado
  • Installation Service Available:
  • Removal of Old Batteries
  • Installation of New Duffy Boat Replacement Batteries
  • Duffy Boat Battery Charger Output Check
  • Inspection of  Battery Connector Cables

Free local delivery in San Diego is available for all Duffy Boat Battery Orders. Some docks will have limited delivery due to their design. We will then deliver to the driveway.
 Duffy boat installation is available for following rates.
$150  flat
 rate for up to eight 6 volt Duffy Boat Batteries. Again, difficult docks increase labor fee.
$260 for Sixteen Duffy Boat Batteries that have eight per side.
$300 for Sixteen batteries down the middle.

Duffy Battery Service for Coronado Available

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