Exide NASCAR Extreme Battery

NASCAR Extreme line features superior power and dependability and designed to fit more domestic and import vehicles than ever before.
With the Exide NASCAR Extreme Battery advanced Silver Shield™ Technology, the results are longer battery life and enhanced durability that keeps you charged even in the harshest weather.


Exide NASCAR Extreme Battery Prices $ ea with Exchange Plus Tax

3 Year warranty

  • Comes with 40-month free 24-hour emergency jump start assistance
  • Heavy Duty Grids (vs. Ordinary Car Batteries) plus high density paste provide for power producing plates for enhanced durability under today’s harsh operating conditions
  • Reserve Capacity (RC) Minutes to operate on board accessories, computer, and emergency equipment.Utilizes Patented Silver Shield Alloy for high heat protection and internal resistance.

The Exide NASCAR Extreme Battery is Made in the USA!

Exide Battery History:

When the United States entered World War I, Exide engineers developed a lightweight, nonspillable battery to operate thousands of airplane radio sets. The company’s batteries also powered many radio stations. In 1938, Exide acquired Grant Storage Battery Company, a move that expanded its product line into battery chargers and testers. Exide also contributed to the war effort of World War II when engineers developed a battery-powered wakeless torpedo