Full Throttle FT438 Battery

Big Power Battery with Small Size!
Sealed, Maintenance Free 12 volt Battery by Full Throttle Battery

Full Throttle FT438 Battery is 12 volt Vibration Resistant and Replaces the Total Power TP1200 Battery

Full Throttle FT438 Battery

Full Throttle FT438 Battery Price $179.99 ea In Stock

Terminal TypeM6 Button with Brass Terminal Option
Total Height6.57″ (167 mm) without brass terminal
Height6.57″ (167 mm)
Width5.16″ (131 mm)
Length7.72″ (196 mm)
Weight26.7 lbs (12.1 kg)
Case TypeABS Plastic – Flame Res Rating UL94-HB
Full Throttle FT438 Battery Specifications
Pulse (5-second) Hot Cranking Amps (PHCA)975
High Cranking Amps605
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) at Zero F438
20Hr Nominal Capacity (Ah)35
Reserve Capacity @ 25 A Minutes60

Full Throttle FT438 Battery

Full Throttle FT410 Battery Voltages
Charge Stage12V24V36V48V
Bulk14.7 V29.4 V44.1 V58.8 V
Absorption14.7 V29.4 V44.1 V58.8 V
Float13.6 V27.2 V40.8 V54.6 V

Tough environments require a tough battery that is as reliable as the rest of your vehicle. A sealed battery with virgin pure lead thin plates, over the partition welds, higher compression rates and valve settings, and brass terminal option to ensure maximum cranking power to battery size ratio.

The Full Throttle FT438 AGM battery delivers! Designed to the highest standards on the market, the FT438 battery is made to be put through the toughest tests – high speeds, off road, on board accessories, and still start your engine when it’s time to return to town.