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GEM Car Battery Replacement and Reconditioning in San Diego

Call Us Today if You are a Business account with GEM or Ford Think Cars.  DCB has stock on  flooded, GEL and Lithium deep cycle batteries for GEM Car and Ford Think Car.
1999-2001 GEM Cars use the Flooded deep cycle batteries that are charged with the Zivan onboard 72v charger.
2003 and later model GEM Cars were factory issued with East Penn model Deka 8G31 GEL battery with the Polaris sticker.
After 2014 , Leoch Battery Corp was the OE battery for Polaris for the 48V model GEM Cars with sealed lead acid batteries.
Fortunately, DCB now has 72V and 48V  lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries that can be retrofitted into 2001 to current model GEM CARS.

GEM Car Battery Replacement from Deep Cycle Battery San Diego

Original Model 72V Four Seater GEM Car by Polaris

GEL Deep Cycle Battery – DCB stocks the Deka 8G31 GEl, Eternity EQ-31M GEL  and Leoch LPG12-100 GEL for GEM Car.
2016 GEM car models are 48 volt and are powered by four Leoch LP12-140 deep cycle AGM batteries or eight 6V LDC6-224 (DTAA6224 replacement).
2015 GEM Cars are factory equipped with the Leoch DTA6224 GEM battery. The replacement part number for DTA6227 is  dimensions and specs from Leoch is LDC6-224 GEM battery.
For Retail accounts, please call us for a price and free local delivery in San Diego.
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GEM Car Battery Installation

battery installation san diego

Call 619-448-5323 Flat Rates

GEM Car Repair

For mobile GEM Car repair call or text Lalo 760 270-1521   Lalo is an independent GEM Car technician and can help with brakes, motor, electrical and GEM charger problems.
Lalo 760 270-1521 for GEM Car Repair and Ford Think Repair

For GEM Charger Replacement Guide Click Here

GEM Car Batteries for Resale

Deep Cycle Battery San Diego offers wholesale and business to business price discounts for GEM Car battery replacement.
For Resale Gem battery prices or Commercial GEM Car Battery Replacement visit GEM Car Battery Wholesale

GEM Car and Ford Think Battery Replacement and Maintenance

GEM Cars and Ford Thinks quickly discharge the battery pack if left off charge for more than ten days.  Some on board chargers like the early model Zivan will not maintain the batteries even when left plugged in. Same is true for the OE Ford Think on board charger. For Battery Maintenance Tips read step by step guide posted here.

Selecting the Correct GEM Car Battery

A GEM Car battery is a 12 Volt deep cycle battery that is designed for the deep discharging and recharging cycles that a GEM Car requires.  Inexpensive marine batteries from Costco will not survive more than a few months under normal driving conditions. Only a 12 Volt battery group size 30 or 31 with 90 or more amp hours should be used. Battery group sizes 24 and 27 are too small and do not have the capacity to continuously operate the GEM Car.

Pros and Cons with Flooded and GEL GEM Car Batteries

The 72 volt GEM is powered by six 12 Volt deep cycle batteries. The early GEM batteries are available in flooded (often called wet cell or standard lead acid) or GEL cell batteries.  Later model GEM cars come from Polaris with lithium ion or AGM deep cycle batteries.  Only high cycle type AGM batteries can be used. Buyer beware of inexpensive AGM batteries.

  • Flooded batteries are less expensive than GEL or Lithium and require monthly maintenance.
  • Only AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries by Leoch should be used for later model GEMs!
  • GEL cell batteries are maintenance free, have high cycle rate and can discharge deeper than flooded deep cell batteries.
  • A flooded GEM Car battery will gas and can cause corrosion on the battery tray and cables, and can leave a mess on your floor. Always use terminal grease or protection spray.
  • The GEM Car’s on board charger must be set to charge the type of battery that is installed unless you buy a lithium battery kit from DCB that includes a LFP charger.
  • It is advised to replace the factory Zivan with the Delta Q charger for better battery results for lead acid.
  • We will refer you to Lalo for general repair, algorithm change or any other need your GEM has.
  • DCB offers battery reconditioning at your location if your onboard charger will not turn on. Call for details. (619) 448-5323

BigBattery 72V Lithium Battery
bigbattery 72v deep cycle battery for GEM san diego

Lithium 72V GEM Car Battery

Two Battery Kit with Charger

2001-2002 Model GEM Cars use the two battery 72V LFP kit connected in parallel. One battery rests in the hood and the second battery is installed under drivers seat.
2003 and later 72V models will have both 72V LFP batteries under seat.
72V Lithium battery kit Price (Click Here)

  • Safe
  • Less weight, faster top speed
  • Greater lifespan
  • Clean
  • Higher range

Leoch Battery for GEM Car

GEM Car Battery San Diego Early Model 72 Volt GEM Cars Can Use the Leoch Deep Cycle 12 volt Gel Batteries for Replacement and are Highly Rated
LPG12-100 Ah GEM Car Battery Replacement  (Click here for unit pricing)

GEM Car Battery San DiegoGEM Car Battery San Diego Excellent Aftermarket GEM Car GEL Battery Replacement
Leoch GEL GEM Car Battery for Sale 12 Volt 100 Amp Hours
LPG12-100 amp hour rated: This battery is an aftermarket replacement gel battery for GEM Car and has a history of lasting longer than the OE Gel battery. It is a well made, heavy plate design, deep cycle battery with insert style terminals. Leoch is a billion dollar OE mfg for powersport manufactures.  The battery handles make it easy to install.
*New Leoch Gel GEM Car Battery for Sale: (Click Here for Pricing) with core  *(Cores are required to void core charge of $20) Local Delivery is Free in San Diego – Retail Battery Installation Available Lalo. Delivery Also Available to San Clemente, Dana Point, Orange County Area
$3000 Order Qualify for Free Freight in Continental USA

Later Model GEM Cars are Powered by 48 Volt Leoch Brand AGM Batteries
Free Shipping on $3000 orders. Leoch DTA6224 and LDC6-224 GEM Car Battery Replacement

48V GEM Car Battery ReplacementLeoch is OE for 48 v Polaris GEM Car Battery
Leoch 6 volt Battery for 2015 48v GEM Car Battery. Battery Price (Click Here for Pricing)
48 v battery 12 Volt 100 Amp Hours
DTA6224 GEM battery part number is now LDC6-224.
224 amp hour rated: This battery is the factory replacement for 2015 and newer 48 volt GEM Cars. The eight 6 volt batteries are connected in series and stored in the rear of the vehicle.
*(Cores are required to void core charge of $20) Local Delivery is Free in San Diego. Delivery Also Available to San Clemente, Dana Point, Orange County Area for additional fee
$3000 Order Qualify for Free Freight in Continental USA


2016 GEM Car 48 volt System Powered by four 12V 140Ah AGM Leoch Deep Cycle Battery

2016 GEM Car BatteryLeoch battery is the OE for 48 v Polaris GEM Cars.
The 48 volt is created by connecting the four 12 volt batteries in series.
2016 48v GEM Car Battery Replacement. The unit battery price (Click Here for Pricing)
48 v battery 12 Volt 100 Amp Hours
The new 2016 GEM battery part number is now LDC12-140.
(Cores are required to void core charge of $20) Local Delivery is Free in San Diego. Delivery Also Available to San Clemente, Dana Point, Orange County Area for additional fee
$3000 Order Qualify for Free Freight in Continental USA


GEM Car Battery San Diego

Factory Equipped from 2003 to 2014 GEM Car models, Deka Gel is OE for Polaris  deep cycle battery part number 8G31 4013692 battery

GEM Car Battery72 volt GEM Cars have all six 12v batteries under the seat or truck bed. The six batteries are wired in series and use 2 gauge inter connector cables.  The Delta Q onboard charger is set for the Deka 8G31 battery.  Battery terminals are stainless steel 3/8 stud.  Current Polaris GEM Car battery price for Deka 8G31 (Click Here for Pricing)
*(Cores are required to void core charge of $20) Local Delivery is Available in San Diego. Delivery Also Available to San Clemente, Dana Point, Orange County Area for additional fee
Deka GEM OE Car Battery Part Number 4013692. Deka 8G31 is the grey battery with GEM sticker

4013692 GEM Deka 8G31

4013692 GEM Deka 8G31 Battery for Sale

GEM Car Lithium Battery Replacement Now Available

Naturally, most GEM car owners want the longest lasting and longest range battery available for their GEM.  In some cases, we have heard of GEM owners repurposing Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf lithium ion batteries for their GEM. It is true that in the comparison of traditional lead acid battery and a lithium battery for less weight, longest range and highest cycle rate, clearly the lithium battery is superior. Replacing heavy lead acid batteries with lithium iron phosphate is now available with drop in replacement batteries. Each 12v battery has a built in BMS for protection and can be connected in series to create 72 volts for GEM car.

Lithium 72V GEM Car Battery

Lithium GEM Car Battery Kit with Charger $2869 plus tax

bigbattery 72v deep cycle battery for GEM san diego

Now in stock, lithium battery replacement for lead acid batteries. The BigBattery LFP two battery kit is a safe alternative to power your GEM Car (and Ford Think). Each battery is 72V and connected together in parallel.
Price for 72V Kit $2869 plus tax, w/ lead acid core.
Install Available for $300

Part number 72V FALCN – LiFePO4 – 56Ah – 4.2kWh

Lithium GEM Battery Installed

Installed under seat with charger

battery installation san diego

  • Safe
  • Longer driving range
  • Lighter than lead acid and has more speed due to weight reduction
  • Faster charging rate
  • Clean, maintenance free battery
  • Sold with replacement charger

GEM Charger Must Match Battery Type

Most Delta Q chargers have a programmable charging algorithm.  If you opt for a different battery chemistry you will need to adjust charger to match.  Example, a GEM Car that has 12 Volt GEL Deep Cycle Battery from Deka must have the GEL battery profile selected. Same is true for flooded GEM Car batteries.
You can use a YouTube video guide to help you change the onboard charger profile.
**Note GEL and AGM are Not the same charging profile


Deep Cycle Battery San Diego Stocks Multiple Brands of Batteries for GEM

GEM Car Battery brands in stock are: BigBattery, US Battery, Trojan Battery, Eternity Battery, Deka Gel Battery and Leoch Gel and AGM batteries.

GEM Car Battery San Diego  cGEM Car Battery San Diego GEM Car Battery San DiegoEternity GEL GEM Car Batterybigbattery 72v deep cycle battery for GEM san diego

GEM Car OE flooded battery back in 2000 was the Trojan battery part number 30XHS.  It is a flooded 12 volt deep cycle battery with 130Ah of power. We advise replacing the 30XHS with the US Battery part number 31DCXC for the same voltage and power but better results.
2003 to 2011 72 volt GEM Car models were equipped with 12 volt Deka Gel bttery part number 8G31.  Six seater GEM Cars use nine 8 volt GEL batteries by Deka part number 8G8VGC.
2015 and newer GEM models are 48 volt systems powered by Leoch DTA6224 battery.  This battery is in stock at Deep Cycle Battery San Diego and has a part number of Leoch LDC6-224

(Contact us if you are a reseller of GEM Car batteries and need wholesale pricing)

2000 to 2002 72 volt GEM Car Battery Replacement

Long Lasting and Very Reliable GEM Car Battery – Flooded Lead Acid Deep Cycle Gem Car Battery – The US Battery 31DCXC-130 12 Volt 130 ah Gem Car Battery – Least Amount of Battery Warranty Claims with Us!
12 volt US Battery 31DCXC 130 amp hour GEM Car Deep Cycle Battery for GEM Cars that are equipped with six 12 volt batteries.  This model GEM will have four under the seat and two in the hood. The onboard charger is a Zivan.

GEM Car Battery San Diego GEM Car Battery San DiegoUS Battery 31DCXC 130 amp hour rated 12 volt deep cycle GEM Battery.  The US 31 DC XC GEM Car battery and is less expensive than the trojan 30XHS battery and in our opinion, the better choice.  *New US Battery 31DCXC  GEM Car Battery for Sale Price is (Click Here for Pricing) with core  *(Cores are required to void core charge of $20) Local Delivery is Available in San Diego. Delivery Also Available to San Clemente, Dana Point, Orange County Area for additional fee

The 31DCXC require monthly maintenance and consistent charging.

Flooded Type 12 volt Trojan Battery for 2000 to 2002 GEM Car. Part Number 30XHS  Deep Cycle Battery

GEM Car Battery San DiegoGEM Car Battery San Diego

New Trojan 30XHS Battery Price (Click Here for Pricing) with exchange. 12 Volt 130 amp hour rated: This battery is the first battery used by GEM Car as OE.  In our opinion, it is no longer the battery of choice for Gem Car application. *(Cores are required to void core charge of $20) Local Delivery is Available in San Diego .
Delivery Also Available to San Clemente, Dana Point, Orange County Area
for additional fee 

 Notes on Trojan 30XHS: We have 25% warranty claims for the 30XHS in Gem Car application. Consistent charging and watering is required for this marine style battery


The Trojan Black OEM Battery is Equivalent to the Trojan T-1260 12 Volt 140 amp hour.
Perfect Solution for a More Capacity GEM Car Battery without Breaking the Bank!
GEM Car Battery San Diego GEM Car Battery San DiegoFlooded Gem Car Battery with 140 amp hours
*Price for 12 volt Trojan Black OEM Battery for Gem Car Battery Replacement: (click here for unit pricing)
(Cores are required to void core charge of $30) Note, it is taller and is more difficult to install.. Additionally, the factory battery hold down hardware will not work.  You must make changes to the battery hold down hardware as it as must to keep batteries secure!

GEM Car Batteries are Connected in Series

48 volt and 72 volt GEM Cars have six to eight to nine lead acid batteries.  GEL, AGM and flooded are all lead acid type batteries. Each battery is connected in series so voltage is additive and amperage remains constant. Cable gauge for GEM car is #2 standed
GEM Car Battery Connection


GEL GEM Car Batteries Have the Highest Cycle Rating

battery installation san diegoDeka GEM Car Battery Part Number 8G31. The  Gel battery is 12V with 98 amp hour is one of the highest cycling lead acid GEL battery for Polaris GEM Car.

GEM Car Battery San Diego GEM Car Battery San DiegoOE Battery for GEM Car
Deka GEL GEM Car Batteries will come from Polaris with GEM stickers.  Six 12 Volt 98 Ah batteries connected in series will create 72 volts but remain at 98Ah.
Part number 8G31 is mfg by Deka in Pennsylvania and is 98 amp hour rated: This battery is the factory replacement gel battery for GEM Car. It is a powerful deep cycle battery with centered studs for direct replacement. Deka is mfg by East Penn and made in the USA.  The battery handles make it easier to install.  Note the factory Dominator label is not included to save you money.*New Deka GEM Car GEL Battery for Sale: (click here for pricing) with core  *(Cores are required to void core charge of $20) Local Delivery is Available in San Diego.
Delivery Also Available to San Clemente, Dana Point, Orange County Area for additional  fee


Deka 8G8VGC Gel Deep Cycle GEM Car Battery for Six Seater GEM Car 72 volt 

GEM Car Battery San DiegoGEM Car Six Passenger 8 Volt Battery Price $499 ea
Use the Deka Gel chemistry deep cycle battery if your E6 Gem has the OE Delta Q charger onboard. If the charger fails or if you already upgraded to the Ride for Fun or Bullet Proof, we advise using the less expensive but very reliable Leoch AGM chemistry 8 V battery instead.


 All Prices are plus tax and with exchange for old batteries.

What is the difference between AGM batteries and Gel batteries?

Gel batteries contain a gelled electrolyte which is “Thixotropic”. This Thixotropic gelled electrolyte contains sulfuric acid, fumed silica, pure demineralized and deionized water and a phosphoric acid.  The electrolyte in Gel batteries does not flow like a normal liquid; it has the consistency and look of petroleum jelly.

Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries for GEM Car – AGM

In AGM batteries, the liquid electrolyte contains high purity sulfuric acid and totally demineralized, deionized water (no phosphoric acid). This electrolyte is trapped in sponge-like glass mat separators.

Today’s high cycling AGM batteries are less expensive than gel and maintenance free.  It is necessary to have the correct or best charger for any battery you use.

If you live in a hot climate area like Arizona, GEL chemistry GEM Car batteries will endure the heat better than AGM.

We recommend not using the OE Zivan onboard charger when it comes time to purchase another charger.  Delta Q and Quick Charge brands perform well.

What is GEM Car Battery Reconditioning?

If a GEM battery is left in a discharged state it will become resistant to most battery chargers.
Often the onboard charger will not operate because the battery pack voltage is too low for the charger to detect.

Deep Cycle Battery San Diego has a battery desulfation charger that has the ability to return the lead sulfite from the plates to the electrolyte.  The process can take 24-48 hours depending on the condition of the battery.  Flooded cell GEM batteries that have been dry for 30 days or more and not a candidate.
AGM and GEL GEM car batteries left in the GEM off charge from more than nine months are not likely to be recovered.
We will do the battery reconditioning at your secure location.  Normal fee for this service is $200

Batteries for GEM Car We Do Not Recommend

Based upon field observation and premature failure we do not recommend using any marine or dual purpose deep cycle batteries for the GEM.  Yes they are less expensive but the will not sustain the high cycling demand of the GEM Car.
Interstate AGM batteries are Thin Plate Pure Lead and are great for cranking and some light cycling duty but do not survive the deep cycles from the GEM.

GEM Car Battery San Diego GEM Car Website

GEM cars are used by local, state and national government agencies, resorts, master-planned communities, universities, medical and corporate campuses, as well as by sports teams, taxi-shuttle services and individual consumers. There has been over 45,000 GEM Car’s produced since 1998.

  • Passenger Vehicles:
    • GEM e2 NEV — A two-passenger vehicle
    • GEM e4 NEV — A four-passenger vehicle
    • GEM e6 NEV — A six-passenger vehicle . Nine 8V Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Utility Vehicles:
    • GEM eS NEV — A two-passenger vehicle with a 39″ x 48″ flat bed with and a 330 pound cargo capacity.
    • GEM eL NEV — A two-passenger vehicle with a 70″ x 48″ flat bed with and a 700 pound cargo capacity.
    • GEM eL XD NEV— An extra-duty heavier duty version of the GEM eL with a 70″ x 48″ flat bed with and a 1,100 pound cargo capacity.

GEM Car Battery Buyers Guide

Early model GEM Cars use wet cell or flooded type batteries, while the later models switched to GEL type batteries.  Gel type of deep cycle batteries will power the GEM Car, but for recharging, the on-board charger must have the correct charging algorithm selected. For GEM Car Charger Replacement Guide Click Here

Questions We Get Asked Daily Regarding GEM Car Battery Maintenance and Charging


Q: Which batteries are best for Gem Car?

A: #1 Lithium 72v battery is very best #2 12V Group 30 or 31 deep cycle batteries

Strong, deep cycle batteries. Not wal-mart, Costco or mid-grade marine/RV deep cycle batteries.

Q: Are sealed deep cycle batteries better for Gem Car?

A: The discussion has many opinions but the decision is based upon if you don’t mind monthly hydration required by flooded cell batteries.  Trojan 30XHS, US31DCXC

Are flooded cell type and will consume water when the batteries are recharged.

Typically, the flooded cell type deep cycle batteries have higher amp hours and lifecycles compared to AGM or Gel deep cycle batteries.



1999-2003 GEM Car OE was flooded cell deep cycle batteries – 12V 130 ah

Two batteries in the front hood and four under drivers seat.

2004 and up GEM placed all six batteries are under drivers seat and GEM sourced Deka 8G31 as OE


Sealed Battery Choices: Gel & AGM

A Gel deep cycle battery will cost more and should be 12V Group 31 with 98 ah or higher.

Gel batteries work better in hot climates, Arizona etc


An AGM deep cycle battery has good lifecycle and is sealed so no watering required.

Do not use UPS style AGM batteries. UPS AGM batteries are less expensive but are not designed to discharge the recharge hundreds of times like deep cycle AGM are.

Examples of good AGM for GEM are Trojan 31 Overdrive, Leoch EV12115  and Crown 12CRV110


Q: Where is the GEM Car charger located?

A: Inside the dash next the GE controller


Q: Why won’t the batteries stay charged when car is left plugged in?

A: The early model GEM Cars used Zivan and the charger will complete one charge cycle and shut off regardless if left plugged in. Zivan will not maintain the batteries.

The green light will come on telling you charging is complete – Don’t be tricked by the green light.

Unless you unplug and replug in the car to restart the Zivan on-board charger, the battery state of charge rapidly decreased.

After one day, even at rest, the car is no longer 100% charged.

After five days, the car has drained the batteries to 75% state of charge.

 Deficit Charge Syndrome for GEM Car

Undercharged batteries are a major cause of system failures in GEM Cars.

Deficit Charge is a charge cycle in which less charge is returned to a battery bank than what was withdrawn from driving the GEM Car. Deficit charge can occur in situations where AC power supply is poor due to oversharing the 110 AC outlet with the GEM  or if the extension cord is too long and undersized.

If the flooded / AGM or Gel Gem Car batteries experience repeated deficit charge cycles and are left in a partial state of charge for long periods, they will become progressively more difficult to charge and suffer a loss of capacity. When charged, voltage will rise more quickly in batteries with sulfation than in normal batteries, falsely indicating a high state of charge. The Delta Q and Zivan charger will falsely report 100% state of charge when the batteries have not been fully charged. Recovery from this condition can sometimes be accomplished by an equalization charge.