Golf Cart Battery Installation San Diego

All San Diego –  Local Delivery for Two or More Golf Cart Batteries

Note, DCB is installing Lithium batteries as replacement for lead acid, why?

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries will last longer, go farther, more warranty and no maintenance

Lead Batteries keep going up in price so it makes more sense to just do lithium – call us today 619-448-5323


CAll US Today (619) 448-5323 for Golf Cart Battery Installation and Delivery in San Diego.
Golf Cart Batteries are heavy and not everyone has a truck to transport 62 lb to 80 lb batteries.
As a service, we offer local delivery for battery orders of 2 or more batteries in San Diego (East County, South County, Metro and North County San Diego). For battery deliveries outside San Diego, a small fuel fee applies:

  • North, South, East County San Diego – Call for Fee
  • Central & Downtown San Diego – Call for Fee
  • Beach Cities – Call for Fee
  • Descanso, Borrego, Pine Valley add $ 30 fuel fee
  • Orange County, Temecula, Palm Springs, Palm Canyon & Mission Viejo – Call for fuel fee.
  • HB, Long Beach and New Port – only on large orders please call

Golf Cart Battery Installation Start at $150 Flat Rate

Golf Cart Battery Installation Prices for San Diego (flat rate)

  • 36 volt & 48 volt golf cart battery installation without corrosion damage $150
  • Significant battery acid corrosion  cleaning and installation $175
  • GEM Car lead battery installation $300
  • GEM Car lithium battery installation $400
  • Ford Think lead battery installation $400
  • Ford Think lithium battery installation $300

Call Us Today About Your Golf Cart Battery Installation and Delivery at (619) 448-5323

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Golf Cart Battery Installation San Diego

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