Mercedes Benz Sprinter Battery

Parked on a bluff overlooking a deserted baja beach break, the back sliding door of a 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van rolls back to reveal a well-equipped kitchen and smartly designed living quarters.  Three explorers equipped with surfboards and fishing equipment emerge to inspect the waves and their home for the next week.

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Lost somewhere south of the border

Sprinters are used for mobile dogwashing stations, executive limousines, adventure vans,  and mobile bicycle shops. Yet, a majority of the vans are used for business because of the high ceilings and large work area.

To sustain all the power loads off-grid camping requires, a Mercedes Benz Sprinter battery must be reliable and able to sustain long term power.

First, know that the Mercedes Benz Sprinter has two, very different batteries on-board – Starting & House Batteries

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Battery – Starting Application

The primary starting battery categorized as the chassis battery is located under the drivers floorboard or under the hood in some models and is a group size 49 battery.
A group size 49 battery is a common European car battery found in Mercedes Benz and BMW models and can be traditional flooded (acid is free inside) or sealed AGM (acid is immobilized inside battery plate separators).
Note, if given the choice, select the sealed AGM size 49 battery for the Sprinter.  It will typically last longer, charge faster and has more capacity for the Sprinters electronically sophisticated engine.

Recommended AGM 49 Sprinter Batteries for Sale:

Mercedes Benz Sprinter BatteryMercedes Benz Sprinter Starting Battery for Sale $199
Mfg in USA, this Sprinter starting battery is sealed, maintenance free and vibration resistant
975 CA 850 CCA 92 ah

Replaces H8-AGM, 49AGM, FP-AGML5/49, 9849, 50749 NAPA 9849

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Battery for House Power FAQ

Always select AGM battery chemistry for your Sprinters deep cycle house power batteries.
A: The sealed, acid starved batteries are non-spill, vibration resistant and do not produce corrosive gas.
And best of all, the sealed batteries are maintenance free!  In addition, God forbid, but if the van turned over, the AGM batteries will not be spilling sulfuric acid inside your living station.
Q: AGM or GEL, Which one do I select?
A: AGM has higher cycles and less expensive than it’s GEL cousin, but if you will be in a chronically high temperature environment (over 100F), GEL would be the choice.
Q: 12 volt or two or four 6 volt deep cycle AGM batteries?
A: Depends on the loads inside the Sprinter van and how many days you will be off-grid. And, do you have solar modules mounted on the roof? If yes, how many?
Typically, the average Sprinter van house battery will be two 12 volt 100 ah or higher batteries wired in parallel.
But we recommend upgrading to two or four 6 volt deep cycle AGM batteries wired in series (for two) or series and parallel (for four).
Two 6 volt deep cycle batteries in series will give you a 220 ah battery bank and four will be 420 ah.
Use 2/0 welding cable for the battery interconnectors if given a choice.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter House Battery for Sale

The easiest way to separate deep cycle house batteries is by categorizing them as Better & Best.  The two recommended battery brands are Lifeline battery and Leoch battery company.  The Lifeline battery has a five year warranty and mfg in SoCal, while Leoch battery has a two year warranty, but is a billion dollar operation, an OE for Polaris (and others) and mfg off-shore.

Lifeline Sprinter Battery Options in 12 volt and 6 volt

12 volt GPL-27T 100 ah Size 27 for Sale

Mercedes Benz Sprinter BatteryMercedes Benz Sprinter Battery
Lifeline Sprinter Battery Model GPL-27T Price $280 ea with exchange
100 amp hours LENGTH 13.09″ WIDTH 6.6″ HEIGHT 9.25″ WEIGHT 62 lbs

12 volt GPL-31T 105 ah Size 31 for Sale

Mercedes Benz Sprinter BatteryMercedes Benz Sprinter Battery
Lifeline Sprinter Battery Model GPL-31T Price $317 ea with exchange
105 amp hours LENGTH 12.9″WIDTH 6.75″ HEIGHT 9.27″ WEIGHT 64 lbs

12 volt GPL-31XT 125 ah Size 31 Sprinter Battery for Sale

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Battery  Mercedes Benz Sprinter Battery
Lifeline RV Battery Model GPL-31XT Price $338 ea with exchange
125 amp hours LENGTH 12.9″ WIDTH 6.75″ HEIGHT 9.27″ WEIGHT 74 lbs