Micro-Start XP-1

The Micro-Start XP-1 “MINI” is the world’s smallest Jump Starter and Personal Power Supply

The XP-1 is an incredibly powerful pocket-sized jump starter and Personal Power Supply. This lithium-ion booster pack features a 400 peak amp jump-start port, as well as the ability to power or charge your 19V laptops, along with 12V automotive accessories. The XP-1 also includes a 5V USB port to power or charge any of your USB devices such as Cell Phones, iPads, Tablets, GoPro Cameras, Blue Tooth devices and more. It additionally has a Hi-Power LED flashlight with S.O.S. flash pattern. The kit includes everything you need for charging devices and for jump-starting, all in a convenient carrying case.


  • CARRY CASE: Sim leather with elastic bands to hold parts in place
  • JUMPSTART CLAMPS: mini, detachable
  • 8 TIPS: Assorted Laptop Charging tips (for Acer, Dell, HP, Asus and more)
  • UNIVERSAL DC CABLE (plugs into Laptop tips and works with 12V Accessories (i.e. Mobile DVD players)
  • 4 into 1 USB CABLE (white) with 4 different detachable tips to fit most all 5V USB-chargeable electronics such as Cell Phones, iPads, iReaders (Kindles), GPS, tablet computers, and anything else using the 5V USB standard. (You can also use your own cables.)
  • HOME CHARGER for wall charging (compatible with 110v and 220v)
  • MOBILE CHARGER for plugging into cigarette lighter socket to charge device.

So small it fits in your pocket yet so powerful it can start all motorcycles, powersports vehicles and even V8 trucks 25 times in a row! This pocket-sized Micro-Start weighs less than a pound (only 14 oz.) so just charge it once and easily take back-up power wherever you go. The XP-1 can charge a Cell phone several times and power your Laptop up to 2 hours. The kit includes: Mini Jumper Clamps, Universal Cable for Laptops (with 8 tips), Universal Cable for 12V Accessories, USB Cable (with 8 tips), Home Charger, Mobile Charger.

Micro-Start_XP-1Micro-Start_XP-1 Kit

MICRO-START XP-1 – More! XP-1 PPS V8 Trucks Power  $159.95 ea
Prices plus sales tax, shipping available flat rate $15 Call to Order (619) 315-5604


  • 200 Amp- 400 Peak Amp Jump Starting ability
  • Weight: 14 ounces
  • 6″ long x 2.8″ wide x 1″ tall


  • 12000 mah Capacity
  • 19V Output Port for Laptops
  • 12V Standard Output Port
  • 5V 2A USB Port
  • Hi-Power LED Flashlight (with SOS and Strobe Patterns)
  • Lighted Battery Capacity indicators (Fuel Gauge)
  • Built-in over-charge and over-discharge, reverse polarity, short circuit protections
    Automatic power-off when not in use

MICRO-START XP-1 – More! XP-1 PPS V8 Trucks Power  $159.95 ea
Prices plus sales tax, shipping available flat rate $15 Call to Order (619) 315-5604