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Who is Odyssey Battery?
ODYSSEY® batteries are manufactured by EnerSys®, a global leader in stored energy solutions for automotive, military and industrial applications.  ODYSSEY batteries are manufactured to strict quality standards in two facilities globally: Warrensburg, Missouri USA and Newport, Wales United Kingdom.

  •  400 battery life cycles to 80 depth or discharge
  • thin plate pure lead or TPPL battery production using 99.99% virgin lead
  • massive, over-sized intercell battery plate connectors located at top of the battery plate that are
  • robotically welded with plasma gas
  • brass battery terminals that are tin plated for corrosion resistance
  • 15% more battery plate surface area compared to Optima
  • equaling 28% more cold cranking amps and 40% more reserve capacity
  • high voltage robotic test of each battery cell with 1300 volts dc to ensure zero defects in short circuit
  • polyester/polycarbonate plastic blend battery case impact resistant
  • USDOT & IATA Certified Non Hazardous, Non Spillable

 With the Odyssey Battery:

Intense Chemically Stored Energy – Applied as Electrical Energy

The Difference Between a Gel Battery and an AGM Odyssey Battery

The ODYSSEY battery is NOT a gel cell. It is an absorbed electrolyte type battery, meaning that there is no free acid inside the battery; all of the acid is kept absorbed in the glass mat separators. These separators serve to keep the positive and negative plates apart.
The key difference between the gel cell and the absorbed glass mat (AGM) cell lies in the fact that in the AGM cell all of the electrolyte is in the separator, whereas in the gel cell the acid is within the cells in a gel form. In fact, if the ODYSSEY battery were to split open, there would be no acid spillage!

Odyssey PC925 – AGM High Performance Dry Cell Battery Replacement

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