Pacific Beach Golf Cart

Pacific Beach Golf Cart


If you have a street legal golf cart, GEM Car or FORD Think and in need of a mobile repair mechanic in PB, we recommend contacting two, trained mechanics who are mobile, reasonably priced and know how to fix your low speed vehicle in Pacific Beach.

72 Volt Gem Car and 72 Volt Ford Think mobile repair tech
You can reach Benito via Text or Phone (recommend texting) at (619) 318-6132

36 volt and 48 volt EZGO, Yamaha and Club Car Golf Cart Repair – Matty
Matt is really cool guy from Ramona who owns Ramona golf carts. I met Matt when he needed a deal on batteries for some carts he was selling.. Turns out he really knows how to repair electric golf carts and can even do modifications like adding a utility bed or additional passenger bench, transforming a two seat cart to a four seat cart.
Matt has carts for sale but will visit your location to do repair.
Before you order a replacement part, call Matt. Chances are he has the part you need replaced on your golf cart from his “bone yard” and will offer it for less than what you would pay retail.
Matty P contact info is: (619) 727-0613  (Matty almost always will answer by the second ring)

My name is Jeff from Deep Cycle Battery San Diego and I trust and recommend Matt and Benito.
Owning a golf cart in Pacific Beach provides a lot of advantages but local, pacific beach golf cart repair is not one of them.  These two guys fill the need.

If you need golf cart batteries, GEM Car batteries or Think batteries, give me a call.  We are an authorized Trojan battery dealer, Crown Battery dealer and will deliver for free

So, what is a street legal Golf Cart in Pacific Beach?  I searched and found this answer to encourage more people to adapt to electric cart transportation- “Pacific Beach Golf Cart” .

Currently, there are only two electric cart-golf cart manufactures producing low speed electric or NEV (neighbor electric vehicle):
Columbia PARCAR and GEM Car (formerly owned by Chrysler, now owned by Polaris.

What criteria constitutes a street legal, low speed vehicle or NEV?
Defined by CA vehicle code section 385.5 and NHTSA, DOT CFR Title 49-571.500(a)
A “low speed vehicle” is a motor vehicle that meets all of the following requirements:

  1. has four wheels
  2. can attain a speed, in one mile, of more than 20 miles per hour and not more than 215 mph, on level surface.
  3. has gross weight rating of less than 3,000 lbs.
  4. can carry 2-4 persons, all facing forward
  5. has DOT rated tires and headlamps, tail-lights & stop lights
  6. DOT rated turn signals, front & rear
  7. has two side mirrors and a safety glass windshield of AS-1 or AS-5 material conforming to AMSI SRT Z-26.1-1977
  8. a type 1 or type 2 seat belt assembly conforming to sec. 571.209 at each designated seating position
  9. and a VIN number conforming to section 571.568

Can I legally drive my electric vehicle or NEV on the street?

You may drive a NEV or “LSV” on any street with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less and you are subject to the CA Vehicle Code

for more details, visit: Questions & Answers