Solar Battery

Renewable Energy Solar Batteries are Available in Different Types of  Chemistry:

  1. Traditional Lead Acid Solar Batteries Can Be Flooded or Sealed AGM
  2. Lithium Iron Phosphate


Crown Battery Company is a reliable solar battery manufacture for both flooded and AGM

Solar Battery San Diego Solar Battery San DiegoCrown Battery Company Makes Flooded and Sealed Batteries for Solar Applications

A solar battery is used to provide emergency power when the power grid fails or can be used daily to supply power for your house.  Solar batteries can be small for small electrical loads or they can be high capacity for large size power loads.  The capacity or “power”  of a solar battery is measured in amp hours or ah. We recommend you size your battery to be double of what your energy consumption is. By doubling the capacity needed,  you are not likely to discharge the solar battery below 50% depth of discharge (DOD).

How to Size Your Solar Battery – Converting Watt-Hours to Amp Hours

Watt hours need to be converted to amp hours.  Example: A 65 watt TV you wish to power off a solar battery for 10 hours per day equals 650 watt-hours.  Now we know the watt-hours of the single item. (note add all the watt-hours of all loads to be ran to size your battery).
650 watt-hours dived by the voltage of your inverter.  12 volt, 24 volt or 48 volt. Most RV and Marine use 12 volt.  A house will use 24 volt or 48 volt inverters to reduce amps.
Example:  650 watt-hours / 12 volts = approx 55 amp hours consumed by the TV. Remember to double battery capacity =
a 12 volt 110 amp hour battery.

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Another Solar Battery Option is Sealed, Maintenance Free
All Sealed, Maintenance Free 12 Volt and 6 Volt Solar Batteries by Crown & Leoch for Sale in San Diego

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All Flooded, Maintenance Required 12 Volt and 6 Volt Solar Batteries for Sale in San Diego

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