Solar Battery Back-Up

In Stock – Deep Cycle Solar Battery Back-Up Available in Various Capacities.
AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) is a Sealed, Maintenance Free Battery That Does Not Require Watering.
Back Up Batteries for Solar System Power Up in Event of Grid Power Failure or Can Be Used for House Power at Night.
AGM Battery Back-Up is Clean Deep Cycle Power and Maintenance Free.
Free Local Delivery Available

  • We can make custom 2/0 & 4/0 cable for connecting batteries $10 per ft with bare copper lugs$10 battery core charge applies if core not available

cable for connecting batteries together for salebattery cable lugs for sale


The advantage of having a solar battery back-up is the degree of energy dependence in the event of a disaster…

Should You Add Backup Batteries to Your Grid-Tied Solar Array?