Solar Battery Delivery and Installation

All San Diego – Free Local Delivery for Four or More Solar Batteries

CAll US Today (619) 448-5323 for Solar Battery Delivery and Installation in San Diego.
Solar batteries can be heavy and not everyone has a truck to transport them.
As a service, we offer free local delivery for solar battery orders of 4 or more in San Diego (East County, South County, Metro and North County San Diego). For battery deliveries outside San Diego, a small fuel fee applies:

  • Descanso, Borrego, Pine Valley add $15 fuel fee
  • Orange County, Temecula, Palm Springs, Palm Canyon & Mission Viejo add $15 fuel fee.
  • Long Beach $30 fuel fee

Solar Battery Delivery & Installation and Trailer Battery Delivery & Installation Start at $50 Flat Rate


Solar Battery Delivery and Installation- Replacing Your Solar Battery Bank

  • 6-8 Solar Battery Bank Installation $50
  • 8-12 Solar Battery Bank Installation $100
  • 12-24 Solar Battery Bank Installation $200

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