Solar Panels for RV San Diego

A complete solar kit is available for RV and Trailers consisting of panel(s), a charge controller and cables to connect everything together.  When a Solar Panel for RV is used with deep cycle batteries, often the batteries will have longer service life.  The benefit of Solar for RV is when dry camping or “boon-docking”, the solar electric will help recharge the house batteries during the day as long as there is plenty of sunlight and not the solar panel is not shaded!

Solar Panels for RV San Diego
We recommend using at least a minimum of 100 watt solar panels for RV and more than 100 watts is better in replacing the lost battery power from the night before.

Note, if using 6 volt deep cycle batteries, the charger controller and solar array must be able to get the batteries to 14.5 vdc daily to fully charge.  Inexpensive, low end charge controllers will not do this.

Solar Panels for RV and Trailers are available in 100 watt panels and 260-270 watt kits that can be installed by you but we recommend using a professional.

Deep Cycle Battery San Diego is a Canadian Solar, Light Catcher, Hyundai Solar Module provider to local RV and Trailer professionals.

The Light Catcher Solar Panel for RV is a 100 watt module and has a smaller footprint-dimension than the other residential size panels by Canadian Solar & Hyundai.

Please see our links below for solar kit pricing.  If you need a quote on installation, we have supplied trusted installers who will visit your location to perform the work.  If you are a DIY solar kit person, we can supply you with all the materials.
Deep Cycle Battery San Diego stocks Blue Sky & Windy Nation Charge Controllers.
Windy Nation Pure Sine Inverters 1500 Watt & 3000 Watt are in stock.

Please find Local and Family Owned Solar Kit Installers who are mobile and come to you!

Solar Installer Referrals for San Diego:

Clay (760) 822-8703 at Elite Services – Horse Trailers, Diesel Pushers, Fifth Wheels  serves all San Diego.  Blue Sky Charge Controller Expert

Abe (760) 802-3238 at RV Mobile Service 2U – Expert on Everything Airstream. Serves all San Diego and farther north

Vince (619) 381-9382 at AEM RV Service – Campers, Diesel Pushers, Fifth Wheel Service serves all San Diego

 Solar Panels for RV San Diego Solar Panels for RV San Diego

Solar Panels for RV San Diego Solar Kit for RV San Diego

24 Volt Solar Modules in Stock for RV Solar Kits with Higher Voltage and Charging Amperage

Solar Panels for RV San Diego



Solar Panels for RV San Diego Complete Kit with 1000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter

 Charging House Batteries with Solar Panels for RV

If you are using 6 volt deep cycle batteries, to get the most life from your batteries, you must use a solar panel kit with a charge controller that can charge up to 14.4 volts and not all charge controllers can! Call the pros we listed to get info.

Solar Panels for RV San Diego Charging table for flooded deep cycle batteries

If you are using sealed AGM batteries for your house power, here is a charging chart for AGM

Solar Panels for RV San Diego

To increase RV house power, the following battery wiring diagrams are provided.

Solar Panels for RV San Diego

Be sure to make a good connection to your battery. Loose cables or cables that need to be replaced destroy battery terminals

Solar Panels for RV San Diego

Charging Batteries and Equalization Charge

Proper charging is imperative to maximize battery performance. Both under- or over-charging batteries can significantly reduce the life of the battery. Most chargers are automatic and pre-programmed, while others are manual and allow the user to set the voltage and current values. AGM and gel batteries should always have temperature compensated charging. î Batteries should be fully charged after each use. “Use” is defined of at least 30 minutes of runtime. Note, utilitzing a solar panel for rv will make your batteries last longer.

Equalizing (deep-cycle flooded/wet batteries only) Equalizing is an overcharge performed after fully charging deep-cycle flooded/wet batteries. An equalizing charge prevents battery stratification and reduces sulfation which are leading causes of battery failure. Trojan recommends equalizing every 30 days or when batteries have a low specific gravity reading after fully charging, below 1.235, or have a wide ranging specific gravity of >0.030 points between cells. Deep-cycle AGM or gel batteries should NEVER be equalized.

Equalization can be performed either automatically (as programmed on the charger) or by following the procedure below:

î Check the battery’s electrolyte level in each cell to make sure the plates are covered before charging.

î Check that all vent caps are secured properly on the battery before charging. î Set charger to equalizing mode.

î The batteries will gas (bubble) during the equalization process.

î Measure the specific gravity every hour.

Discontinue the equalization charge when the specific gravity no longer rises.