Tacoma Battery

The Toyota Tacoma is a Multipurpose Truck So Why Limit Your Truck with a Stock Tacoma Battery?
Upgrade to a Vibration Resistant, Sealed AGM Technology Battery!

tacoma battery san diego

The FP24F AGM is Factory Dimensions and Fits OE Battery Tray

850 Cranking Amps, 710 CCA 120 RC 60 ah for Accessories

tacoma battery san diego

Overstock Sale Going On Now for Race Quality  Tacoma Battery FPAGM24F
$175 ea plus tax with exchange $125 ea plus tax with exchange

USA Mfg Exide Edge AGM Battery Model FP24FAGM Price $175 ea  On Sale $125 ea plus tax with exchange.
In Stock in San Diego
Fits Toyota Tundra & Toyota Tacoma
850 Cranking Amps, 710 CCA 120 RC 60 ah for Accessories

Terminal Type Auto Post
Total Height8.63″
Weight57.5 lbs
Amp hours60 ah

A stock Toyota battery is a 710 cca flooded lead acid battery and is for starting only.  When aftermarket components are added, the demand for power is increased and will over discharge standard flooded batteries.
Enter vibration resistant, sealed AGM batteries.  The design and chemistry of well built AGM batteries will handle the stress of starting and cycling.