Trojan L16 Battery

New Trojan Brand L-16 Size Deep Cycle Battery for Sale in San Diego
Free Local Delivery for Two or More Trojan L16 Battery

The Trojan L16 Battery can be used for deep cycling equipment applications and for off-grid solar.
The L16 Trojan Battery uses letter designations for different battery capacities. All Trojan L16 Batteries
are flooded cell chemistry and require routine maintenance and proper ventilation.
For Trojan Battery maintenance and setting up your charge controller, visit
Trojan User Guide

Trojan L-16 Battery Prices Start at $235 ea*

We Offer Trojan L-16 Battery at the Best Price in San Diego

  • Free Local Delivery of L-16 Batteries with Orders of 2 or More (San Diego-Border)
  • Installation Available – Call for Quote
  • L-16 Batteries Available in 1-5 Days
  • All L-16 Batteries are New w/ MFG Date Codes and Have Full Warranty
  • L-16 Battery for Off-Grid Solar-Marine-Boom Lift Application
  • Cash-Visa-Master Card Accepted
  • Delivery Available to Alpine, Julian, Descanso, Pine Valley, Jacumba – Call for Options

Battery Connection Cable for Sale –  Trojan L16 Battery

#1 Choice Trojan L-16 Battery  – 6 Volt

Trojan Battery history: George Godber & Carl Speer founded Trojan Battery Company and in 1952 invented the electric golf car battery. Trojan Manufacturing Features and Benefits:

  • Do not use high speed production process for plate mfg.
  • Produce Cast grids with heavy Wire and Frame design.
  • Maxguard Advanced Design Separator
  • Use proprietary Alpha Paste on each Grid.
  • Longer cycle life
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Less battery maintenance
  • Trojan L-16 Batteries are Longest Lasting Brand Available

 *(Cores are required to void core charge of $25) For Battery Delivery and Installation Click Here 370 amp hour L-16E

Trojan L16 Battery

L-16E-AC-Battery 370 ah $200 ea*

Price for 6 Volt Trojan L-16E-AC Battery: $235 ea* with exchange (core charge of $25) 370 amp hour L-16G

Trojan L16 Battery

L-16G-AC-Battery 390 ah $255 ea*

Price for 6 Volt Trojan L-16G-AC Battery: $265 ea* with exchange (core charge of $25) 390 amp hour L-16P

Trojan L16 Battery

L-16P-AC-Battery 420 ah $250 ea*

Price for 6 Volt Trojan L-16P-AC Battery: $270 ea* with exchange (core charge of $25) 420 amp hour L-16H

Trojan L16 Battery

L-16P-AC-Battery 435 ah $270 ea*

Price for 6 Volt Trojan L-16H-AC Battery: $290 ea* with exchange (core charge of $25)

Renewable Energy Series 370 amp hour L-16RE-B 6 Volt and 1110 amp hour 2 Volt Series! In renewable energy applications batteries may go days without a charge and they frequently operate at partial states of charge. The Trojan RE Series L-16 are designed to operate under challenging conditions such as fluctuating or extreme temperatures, remote locations and the intermittent nature of solar and wind power generation.

Trojan L16 Battery

L-16RE Battery 370 ah $250 ea*

Price for 6 Volt Trojan L-16RE-B Battery: $280 ea* with exchange (core charge of $25)

Trojan L16RE-2V Deep Cycle Flooded 1110 Amp Hours!

Trojan L16 Battery Price for 2 Volt Trojan L-16RE-2V Battery: $299 ea* with exchange (core charge of $25)


Trojan Ind29-4V Deep Cycle Flooded 1618 Amp Hours!

Trojan L16 Battery Price for 4 Volt Trojan Ind29-4V Battery: $1299 ea* with exchange (core charge of $100)