Affordable Car Battery for Sale San Diego

Not sure why, but new car battery prices at auto parts stores have risen quickly. To help, Deep Cycle Battery San Diego is offering an affordable car battery for San Diego.  All new car battery prices are with exchange and plus tax. Depending on your application and budget, we can serve you with the new battery you need or afford.
65% of all new car and truck batteries are mfg by Johnson Controls.  Auto Zone, Walmart,  Costco, etc are Johnson Controls product, mfg south of the border.
New car and truck batteries offered at Deep Cycle can categorized as Good, Better and Best!
When you buy a battery from us, we will gladly tell you who makes it and how long you can expect it to last.

Affordable Car Battery for Sale San DiegoGood Car Battery –  Solite is an affordable car battery for cars and trucks and  are manufactured by Hyundai with a two year warranty.
New car battery prices start at $65 ea plus tax with exchange

  • 12 month free replacement
  • 12 month pro-rated warranty
  • price with exchange
  • maintenance free car battery

Crown is a Better Car Battery – Affordable Car Battery for Sale San Diego
Crown is manufactured Automotive Battery.  Exide has been building car batteries for years and have a reputation for building a tough battery. Our opinion is that the Exide car battery will last longer than the Interstate car battery and has a bettery price.
New car battery prices start at $95 ea plus tax with exchange

  • 12 month free replacement
  • 24 month pro-rated warranty
  • price with exchange
  • long lasting and roadside service added with purchase

Affordable Car Battery for Sale San Diego Best Car Battery! – Sealed – Maintenance Free
Exide Edge Series AGM Automotive Battery. Exide AGM batteries are the first and only absorbed glass mat (AGM) products* that feature SureLife™ Graphite Technology to maximize available energy capacity – helping batteries perform at higher levels longer. Exide Edge provides more protection against battery failure, helping them stay strong and perform like new. Starts Like New. Stays Like New Longer.™
New AGM Exide car battery prices start at $160 ea plus tax with exchange

  • 12 month free replacement
  • 24 month pro-rated warranty
  • price with exchange
  • long lasting and roadside service added with purchase



car_audio_battery Battery for Car Audio Systems

 race_truck_off_road_batteryBest Battery for Off Road Vehicles

Prius-Battery_Page_ScreenShot Toyota Prius Battery

How to Choose an Affordable Car Battery that Will Start Your Engine
Inexpensive Car Battery and Inexpensive Truck Battery with 2 Year Warranty for Sale in San Diego

Engine cranking requires lots of power in a short burst. A battery with more surface area on the lead plates inside it delivers more fast power than one with less plate surface. For this reason, cranking batteries are made with thinner, more numerous lead plates. When the engine is running, the battery is quickly replenished by the alternator.  To prevent engine starter damage, select the battery specified by your vehicles manufacture.

Your Car or Truck Battery’s Purpose
The Starting and Charging System in your vehicle starts the engine, maintains the battery’s charge and provides power to the electrical accessories while engine is running. If the alternator is not functioning, even a new battery will quickly die.

Cold Cranking Amperage or CCA – What does CCA mean to me for choosing a battery for my vehicle?
CCA is the maximum amperes that can be continuously  removed from a battery for 30 seconds at zero degrees F before its voltage drops to unusable level.  Example, a 550 CCA battery can supply 550 amperes for 30 sec at zero F. Note CCA is not the same as CA or MCA.
What does Reserve Capacity (RC) mean?
Reserve capacity is the number of minutes a battery can maintain a useful voltage under a 25 amp discharge or load.
The higher the battery’s RC number, the greater the battery’s ability to run lights, pumps, inverters, etc before recharging.


Affordable Car Battery for Sale San Diego By Battery Group Size
Liquid NRG Battery Prices:

Group 24 battery  $75 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 24F battery  $75 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 25 battery  $63 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 26R battery  $60 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 27 battery  $77 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 27F battery  $77 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 34 battery  $69 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 35 battery  $60 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 47 $60 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 48 $85 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 49 battery  $85 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 51 battery  $55 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 58 $60 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 65 battery  $75 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 75 battery  $70 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 75DT battery  $80 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 78 battery  $70 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 94R battery  $90 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 96R battery  $65 ea plus tax with exchange

Group 31 Diesel battery  $95 ea plus tax with exchange (925 CCA)

Group 31 Diesel battery  $118 ea plus tax with exchange (1070 CCA)

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Affordable Battery for Sale in San Diego. Car and Truck batteries don’t need to be expensive to be good.
Liquid NRG are Mfg by Hyundai Motor Co and are better quality than most batteries sold at big chain discount stores and our prices are better!