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Battle Born Lithium Batteries for Trailer

Battle Born Lithium Batteries for Trailer

Electrical Schematic of Battle Born Lithium Batteries for Trailer Courtesy of Battle Born Battery and Karl De Jong

Easily wire four BB10012 12V 100Ah deep cycle batteries in parallel for a 12 volt system.  12 volt systems powers an airstream trailer in this example.  The BB10012 produce DC power and the Victron inverter converts DC to AC for appliances.
Re-charging system is done by four solar modules and one Victron multiplus inverter charger. The solar panels produce DC directly to the batteries via a Victron MPPT controller. AC shore power charges the BB10012 via Victron Multiplus.
Karl De Jong clearly outlines the way to connect the batteries to the solar, inverter and the battery monitoring system.
Use a Victron BMV-712 with bluetooth and the Color Control GX for active battery monitoring.

Battle Born Lithium Batteries for House Power

The 12 volt Lithium deep cycle batteries are very safe and are a great energy source for tiny houses, cabins, second homes and such.
Just like traditional lead acid batteries, the BB10012 require a recharging method like solar, shore power or alternator. But the lithium iron phosphate has a very rapid recharge rate when charged with a lithium profile charger.