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LSV and 72v NEV Battery Maintenance Help

LSV and 72v NEV Battery Maintenance Help

Ford Think Cars and GEM Cars Guide for LSV and 72v NEV Battery Maintenance Help

Battery types for Think are 12v Gel only. The earlier GEM Car batteries are flooded, then GEL. Mid year GEMs are GEL and AGM. 2015 and newer 48v GEMs use 6v AGM batteries

Tips for Longer EV Battery Life 

The early model Ford Think and GEM Cars are 72 volt and have six group size 31 deep cycle batteries wired in series. The individual battery capacity at c/20 (20 hr) can range from 98 ah to 150 ah

Battery Types Used Are:

  •  Standard Flooded Deep Cycle Batteries with 130 ah or more C/20
  • GEL Deep Cycle Batteries with 98 ah or more C/20 - Only Battery for Think Car
  • AGM Deep Cycle Batteries with 100 ah or more C/20
  • Lithium Batteries



           Note” Do Not Share AC Outlet used to charge GEM. Any other draw will interrupt and         
          charging will be incomplete

  1. Battery Hydrometer for Wet Cell
  2. Eye Protection

Reach out to DCB at 619-448-5323 for a service visit it needed. We do monthly service


Standard Wet or Flooded Type Batteries

  1. Recharge Thnk/GEM after each use and recharge if left off charge and unused every three days.
    (Why so frequently?) A: the batteries when installed have a 1% discharge rate per day and will become more resistant to recharging the deeper in discharge they become.
  2. The “Master Disconnect Switch” of MDS must be in on position for batteries to charge
  3. For flooded type batteries, always wear eye protection and check fluid levels every 30 days and more frequently in warmer climates. Never touch both positive and negative terminal with a metallic tool at the same time. This will short circuit the battery could be dangerous.
  4. Only add water to a fully charged battery
  5. Water level should only be ¼ “ above the battery plates 


Think/GEM Car Storage Tips Related to Charger Types : Know what model charger your GEM has!


  1. Zivan and OE Think Car chargers will perform a single charge cycle and turn off never to repeat unless the power cord is unplugged and plugged back in. Beware of the green light (see chapter x)
  2.  Fully charge batteries and confirm SOC with battery hydrometer (see chapter x)
  3. Switch MDS to off position before leaving. 
  4. Return MDS to on position and recharge when returning
  5. If Think/GEM is left off charge for more than 30 days, be prepared to individually charge each battery (see chapter y )
  6. Zivan/Think charger will not activate when combined battery pack voltage is below 68 volts


QuiQ by Delta Q  2005 & Newer Models Output is 72v  12A

  1. Charge batteries to 100% SOC
  2. Leave MDS in on position
  3. QuiQ will recharge batteries once every 7 days for flooded and once every 14 days for GEL (see “ Charger Problems” chapter) for 26 consecutive cycles as long as AC power is not interrupted

Battery Charge Profile or Algorithm


Select a charge profile or algorithm required by the type and model GEM Car batteries you have installed.

The charge profile is a set of instructions the charger will follow to correctly charge the batteries according to the manufacturer's specifications

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