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Battle Born Lithium Battery Information

Battle Born Lithium Battery Information

Considering a Lithium Battery?  Review the Battle Born Lithium Battery Information and Check List

This post will help with some quick facts regarding the Battle Born battery.  You will quickly be able to decide if switching from traditional lead acid deep cycle batteries to the Battle Born Lithium battery will be successful.
Reference part numbers BB to use with the Battle Born lithium battery information sheet.

  1. How to Charge the BB LFP
  2. Why are the BB LFP batteries safe
  3. How to Install the BB LFP
  4. How to Size the BB LFP for my application
  5. What size cable to use
  6. Connecting the BB battery in 12V, 24V and 48V

Do I have to buy a special charger for Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries?

You do not need a special charger to charge your Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) deep cycle battery.  The BB battery prefers to bulk charge at 14.4 volts and float at 13.6 volts. Do not equalize the BB battery. Most standard chargers can handle these settings at the AGM mode . More and more chargers are offered with lithium specific settings and they will charge the BB faster than a regular charger in most cases.

Battle Born Battery Price $949 ea plus tax - Qty Discounts will Apply
10 year warranty

 Battle Born BB10012


• 100 Amps Continuous - 200 Amps Surge for 30 Seconds
• ½ Second Surge for Larger Loads
• High/Low Voltage Protection
• Short Circuit Protection
• High/Low Temperature Protection
• Automatic Cell Balancing
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.75 x 6.875 x 9


Charger Compatibility List for BB LFP Batteries

Will your current device will work to charge the BB batteries?  Whether it be a solar charge controller or a marine grade converter, BB does their very best to test every charger they can.  By doing so, a list has been created  of chargers that BB knows to work great with their batteries. If your charger isn’t on this list please give them a call and they will get the answer.

Battle Born Battery Price $1049 ea plus tax
10 year warranty

 Battle Born BBGC2

The first li-ion drop in replacement for a 6 volt GC2 battery

  • 100 Amp Hour, 12 Volt Battery
  • LiFePO4 Chemistry
  • 3000- 5000 Cycles*
  • Compatible with your current charger, smart charger or inverter charger
  • Drop in Replacement for 6 volt GC2 Lead Acid Batteries
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Designed and Assembled in Reno, Nevada, USA
  • 10.32 x 7.36 x 11  (L x W xH)
  • 31 lbs


Advantages of Battle Born lithium batteries

  • Longer life span- 3000-5000 cycles(still have 75-80% capacity left)
  • Twice the useable capacity- you can use 100% of the capacity in lithium unlike the 50% of a lead acid
  • No voltage sag- Even as the batteries get low, the power is much more consistent. Whether you are at 90% or 10% full, you can pull a continuous 100 amps out
  • Fast charging- up to 5 times faster than a lead acid batteries. Charge at 50 amps if you have one of our 100 amp batteries. Short absorption time and no equalization stage
  • 99% Efficient- lithium batteries have virtually no internal resistance, they dont heat up or swell when charging or discharging
  • Lithium does not off gas so you can place them anywhere
  • Lighter- ½ to ⅔ the weight of lead acid
  • Completely Safe and nontoxic- LifePo4 is landfill safe. One lead acid battery can contaminate acres of municipal waste. 
  • inherently non combustible (550degrees) 
  • 10 year warranty
  • US manufacturer 
  • Reduce your generator use
  • Take full advantage of solar
  • Eliminate battery anxiety
  • With prismatic cells if one cell goes bad it can compromise the whole battery pack. Cylindrical cells radiate heat and control temperature more easily than prismatic cells. 


Series Up to four BB10012 batteries may be connected in series to increase the voltage of the system up to a 48V system. When batteries are mounted in series, current capacities remain the same, but the system voltage is additive. Two BB10012 batteries mounted in series to form a nominally 24V system should be charged using a bulk and absorption voltage of 28.8V, and a float voltage of 27.2V. Four BB10012 batteries mounted in series to form a nominally 48V system should be charged using a bulk and absorption voltage of 57.6V, and a float voltage below 54.4V. Batteries to be connected in series should be at the same state-of-charge before they are connected. For best results, fully charge each BB10012 battery using a 12V charger prior to connecting them in series, in order to ensure that they are at the same state-of-charge.  








Battle Born Batteries offers a 10-year manufacturers defect warranty from the date of purchase (see attached Warranty) 


Charger compatibility table

Replacement Converters Progressive Dynamics

Setting Up an Inverter Charger for BB10012

Alongside, we have provided all the settings on the XC2000 for the trailer life build. Here is the list of changes we made here at Battle Born Batteries:

1) Inverter Ignition Control (for a towable off is good, this is the default setting.)

2) LBCO Voltage ‘default 10.5’ –  11.5 is good here, to keep the BMS from shutting down.

3) LBCO Shutdown Delay Timer – Default 300 seconds.

4) LBCO Recovery Voltage – Default is 13.1, up to 13.4 is good too.

5) Power Save Time

6) Power Save (Load Sensing) Mode – Same as above.

7) Output Frequency default is good

8) Output Voltage default is good

9) Inverter Output Power Limit (Freedom XC 1000) Default is good for both of these.

10) Inverter Output Power Limit Timer

11) Transfer Mode – Default is good

12) Utility AC Under Voltage Level 90 volts is great especially when running a generator.  Leave this at default.

13) Inverter Shutdown Recovery – Default is manual, I feel like this should be switched to auto once you have everything installed and working.

14) Audible Alarm – Leave this on at Default

20) Battery Type – we will use custom

21) Battery Temperature – we will use custom

22) Custom Absorption Voltage 14.4

23) Custom Float Voltage 13.4

24) Charger Current (Freedom XC 2000) leave at default 100% if you are using more than 160 amps of lithium.

26) Charger Ignition Control – for towable this is off, its fine at default

27) Equalize Charging for Flooded Battery – Off is default, don’t use it for lithium

28) AC Input Breaker for Load Share

99) Reset all settings to their default values

NOTE: There is no 15-19 setting, as well as no 25 setting.