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Deep Cycle Battery San Diego

GEM Car Battery Wholesale

GEM Car Battery Wholesale

DCB is a GEM Car Battery Wholesale Dist for Commercial and Resale Businesses

Do you supply and sell GEM Car parts? Or if your company has multiple early model and late model GEM Cars.  Reach out to us for GEM Car 72 volt and 48 volt replacement batteries. We can offer you a great price on 12v and 6v AGM & Gel deep cycle batteries.
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GEM Car Batteries over the Years

  • 1998 to 2002 GEM Cars are 72 volt and from the factory came with six 12 v flooded deep cycle batteries size 31
  • 2003 to 20014 most of the GEM models are equipped with six 12 v Gel deep cycle batteries.
  • 2011 Polaris acquires GEM and in 2015 the first 48 v GEM is built.
  • The 48 V GEM is powered by eight 6 v 224 Ah AGM deep cycle batteries by Leoch and a lithium battery pack sold by Polaris.

We have the experience of installing GEM batteries for over ten years.

Leoch Battery Mfg is the current OE for Polaris 48v GEM models.

Email SanDiegoBattery@gmail or Call Us Today at (619) 315-5604 and ask for Jeff for resale battery pricing