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California Solar Mandate 2020

California Solar Mandate 2020

What is the California Solar Mandate and What Does it Mean to Me?

This is a new building code saying all new construction (homes and Granny Flats) must have solar panels (photovoltaic system) as an additional energy producing source. Starting Jan 1 2020 all single and multi family homes will be required to have solar system an annual supply of electricity. But how do you know how much energy you will need? And will I need a Battery Back up? Builders use the properties square footage to calculate the solar system required.
The California Solar deal goes on to say that if you add a battery bank to store energy, you will be able to decrease the solar size panel size by 25% .
It appears that local utility companies are betting on home owners to provide energy storage via a battery system that the utility can tap in and sell for peak time usage.
With significant marketing, demand for the Tesla Powerwall has outstripped supply as a battery back up solution. Consumers are charmed by the maintenance free nature of the Lithium battery pack but does the public know there are other battery types available for less money?
One example of a battery pack used for energy storage is a sealed, maintenance free solar battery in stock at DCB. The Leoch PL+C 190FT

When hiring a solar professional to help comply with the solar mandate, seek a qualified pro who has more than one part number for a battery solution.

A Local Solar and Battery Professional Doug at Tier 4 Solar

We are a battery supplier and we have referrals for you to get an idea on how to meet the California Solar Mandate. The professionals we refer can help with gird, off grid, hybrid and wind.
One example is Doug at Tier 4 Solar 760-557-0741 understands grid tie, off grid and hybrid grid.
We met Doug after he repurposed a Tesla car battery pack as a test for a bar remotely located
Doug has a goal to salvage all EV battery packs for a second life in powering homes and commercial buildings.

What Battery Do I Need?

Call Doug or give us a call to ask questions on your situation and how or if a battery is needed.
Batteries can be traditional with water that you will need to be replaced or they can be sealed and maintenance free.
The water or flooded batteries will less expensive than the sealed (AGM) and the AGM will be less expensive than Lithium deep cycle batteries.

Traditional flooded lead acid batteries require monthly watering service. And are the least expensive.
Battery maintenance can be hired out or you can do it yourself. Distilled water is cheap.

Sealed AGM batteries are lead acid but the electrolyte is stored in between the plates and are maintenance free. AGM will cost more than traditional flooded batteries. Used or takeouts from telecom towers are a cheap alternative and can have high capacity.

Pure lead with carbon is the answer lead acid batteries have arrived with to compete with the lithium battery revolution. At half the price and a very rapid recharge rate, the PL+C can save money when shopped against a lithium battery.

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries hit the market around 2014 and as we expected, the addition of vendors making the packs is slowly driving the price down. Example is a 48v 4.03 kWh pack is available for less than $2000