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Skybox Battery Replacement for Hybrid Energy System Pure Lead Carbon

Skybox Battery Replacement for Hybrid Energy System Pure Lead Carbon

Leoch PLH+C Pure Lead Carbon Battery drop in Replacement for 48 Volt Outback Power Conversion Equipment


Leoch Battery Part Number PLH+C 190FT is a 12 volt,  front terminal, 190Ah @ 8HR advanced pure lead with carbon battery.The PLH+C is a drop in replacement for the Outback Skybox power conversion equipment. The batteries are a drop in replacement and fit the Outback integrated battery rack for 48 volt systems.
Prior to Alpha acquisition of Outback energy, Loech Battery Corp was the OE for the Skybox battery bank. Now the Leoch Pure Lead with Carbon can be purchased for a less expensive price and drops into the Outback Power conversion equipment.

  • PLH+C means no water maintenance
  • Partial State of Charge operation in cloudy climate
  • High battery cycle life (see Leoch cut sheet)
  • Fast charging acceptance: 1.5 hour to 90 SOC
  • Operates in sub freezing temperatures
  • Discharge -40 to 149F
  • Charge 32 - 104F
  • Storage -4 to 104F
  • Less expensive than Lithium
  • Compliance with IEC 60896 standards
  • PC-ABS flame retardant jar and cover to UL94 V-0


  • Replacement battery for Mastervolt AGM-SL 12/200
  • Backup Power
  • Grid connected Energy Storage System
  • Off-grid Energy Storage System
  • Demand charge reduction
  • Time of use bill management

Advanced Lead-carbon Added on Negative Electrode:

The historical weakness of lead acid batteries has been their poor performance (low charge acceptance) due to the formation of sulfation crystals. Partial state of charge and battery aging are the two villains attacking the negative plate. Adding carbon on the pure lead neg electrode, turn off damage from partial state of charge and turn on higher charge acceptance. This means the PLH+Carbon can recharge as fast as it can be discharged.

A Lead Battery That Can Behave Like A  Lithium Battery and Less $$

Current Retail Price for Loech PLC+C 190FT $450 ea plus tax with core
3000 cycles to 35% DOD
2800 cycles to 40% DOD
2000 cycles to 50% DOD
1100 cycles to 72% DOD

Leoch PLH+C 190FT battery specifics sheet download
Note, the PLH+C Pure Lead Carbon replaces Outback EnergyCell 170RE and 200RE

Leoch PLH+C 190FT Battery Data

Voltage 12v


Rated Voltage 12 Volts
Nominal Capacity 190Ah C10
Dimensions inches LxWxH 22 x  4.92 x 12.6
Weight 127 lbs
Max Discharge Current 2280A
Max Charging Current 57A
Internal Resistance at 25C 3mΩ full charge
Float 13.62v
Equalization 14.1 - 14.4v

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